Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Race Report – Kungsbacka Vintermilen 2013/11/09

Planned: under 42 (done during training last weekend), under 40:48 would be nice as well

Actual: 39:44 for 10km
place: 3rd female 🙂 (21 all runners)


Felt like long night, but open the eyes 1 hour before planned. No problem to snooze the clock and remain in bed though. Felt like on a little cloud, in a very quiet home. Up @7:30am, double-checking the trip to the race as well as my gear, while porridge was cooking itself. A bit tired/bored, ate breakfast in front of TV, listening to the news. Body check: fine. Mind check: fine (I guess?). Weather forecast: not fine…rain is expected…for the whole day. Checking the weather for the race location: already raining… Yaaaaay! 😦 No worries so, training had been done during all weather, so if it ain’t snowing today, the outfit should work. NY singlet, Boston shorts, socks/arm,warmer, Skyspeed shoes. Alternative clothes taken just in case (SdP tshirt, SF long sleeves, bonnet and wind-gloves). Wearing my wind-jacket on the way there so can have it as well. Took the tram to the central station, missed the earlier rain by the second so waited 30 minutes in an over-warmed train. Drizzle started outside add well… Nice! Arrived at the place to get my BIB, and I probably was the first one…#13, nice number, right? As it was 10:20am, a little grey and still drizzling, decided to take a tea (of all drinks) in a café on the square looking at the arrival. Tea? Ya, would have liked a hot chocolate but so close to the race and unsure how it would be to run with chocolate milk in the tummy, decided to take tea instead. Decided to have my chip on my laces in order to avoid the burn marks I generally get with the wristband provided. Got a banana around 11am and still had seen only a few people popping up and picking their numbers. It was then pouring down the skies (and I was really thinking through what clothes I should have. Singlet+arm-warmer, on 10K? All ok, but the rain+possible wind would make it pretty cold. Change to long sleeves? Opted for having singlet under my wind-jacket. By 11:30am a group of runners was already present under the little tent close to the arrival so decided to have a last visit to the ladies-room (should not have drunk tea…) and then aimed towards the tent. Got ready by taking off my jog-pants and noticed that not that many were in shorts (and they looked freezing on place…). But no choice for this. Got to meet R and then aimed for a warm up. Planning a 2-3km easy and accelerations like I did before Sävedalsloppet. This time it was a bit tricky as it was raining and water pools were a bit everywhere (and I did not want to start the race with cold feet (ha ha ha!). Run the start of the race until the swimming pool and then turn back. Got a few accelerations between street-lights, not much of a warm up, but would do as it was less than 10minutes to start. Met quickly A on her way to the start. Got even time for a hug before the start! Once again, placed myself on the first line and was well-surrounded by tall guys, fast-looking guys, determined guys…and yes ONE fast-looking lady (Have checked her as she was the only female runner having a smaller number than me. This was an Ironwoman and it was quite impressive to even be by her side. (Explanation: the male runners may stand on the same line as me, they are out-of-my-league (and anyway I do not race male runners! (a cool t-shirt says: “I don’t race men, I pass them 🙂 ) But female runners it is cool to check them I think. Just to know if it will be possible to hang along. Anyhow, got a tall-fast-looking male runner to let me his place on front line (thanks again!).


2minutes to the start, all are placed and eager to run. Music is on and soon the countdown start. BTW the rain had stopped a few minutes before, which is nice! Loving the countdown and hop! We left. Feeling a bit like “dream-like”, I know I am running but the only thing I see and feel is this pulling from the runners ahead of me. After a short 5/60m first turn (and yes already doing my best to avoid the water-pools!). Got passed by the Ironwoman and decide to keep her in sight. They said there will be a bike in front of first male and one in front of first female. So if I could follow her at a short distance, I could benefit from the bike “pull” as well 🙂 Got passed by a trio of male runners and the Ironwoman is in front of them 😦 But the bike stays beside me 🙂 Cool. The pace is a bit faster than planned but the thought was to keep under 4 slightly during the first 3km as they were expected to be flat. By km1, got to hear my name… Yes, MY name! This is S, who was so extremely kind to stand under her umbrella under the rain to cheer. Soooo nice indeed. Got me a smile for the km onwards! Before km2 the rain start again and definitely a cap on the head would have helped. But I left my bonnet before start as it was too warm. Having the gloves help a bit for a long while. Take 2 dextrosol (which I forgot to take before the race…). Nice road to run on, turning here and turning there. Despite the rain falling it is (quite) ok to race (I say “race” because the weather is never and issue to “run” (apart from when it is icy on the ground…). Awaiting with a bit of wonder the “hilly part” (on the map it said up 27m over 1km… had no reference to this in my training rounds, either smaller and stiffer or …no just smaller & stiffer!). Anyway, arriving close to the water station and seeing where the runners a bit ahead of me are running uphill… OK, it must be there. Missing to take water as one of my “trio-men” took right in front of me. But that is ok. Pound pound pound say my feet on the pavement and then it is time to pass the second “trio-man”. Feeling good, I even take the hill… on the top of the toes. It is probably slower way of running, but great feeling. Trying to encourage the men I am passing on the way up, but got only two cheering (thanks for this, guys!)…and then a little turn and then…it is downhill already! Really? Was this the hill I was fearing?…no time to analyse, getting down down down and meeting the other runners on their way up. Feeling to nice that I am cheering to almost all those I meet on my way down. OMG, this felt really great. Got some cheering back (cool!). Had pressed lap @km5-mark to have it synced with my watch, but this is making km6….SOOOOOOO long! Have time to take a water glass (on the left side…sorry guys coming up. It was difficult with a runner right in front of me to take on the right side). And km 6-sign arrive. Good, 4km left. Once again, comes the picture of a training-distance I usually take which is 4km. So good to be able to compare (and make it easier to finish!). Hearing the lines from M saying I should try to get a higher effort level for my race. Would qualify so far of a good 16/16+. Despite the smiles and ease, I DO make an effort! Passing a couple of male runners and turning left on a muddy street for a while and there I note that there is a female runner not too far behind. Still 2nd place so far, still feeling good. To reach km7, it is a straight line with view over the runners on the other side of the river which are 1km ahead… By the time I reach the bridge to cross, the female runner has passed me. Still within reaching distance, both of them. The km8 is pretty boring as I have NOBODY around me. At least 20/30m before are the two first ladies and then behind are a few guys who unfortunately for me cannot decide to pass me (which would help a lot!). Here comes the lines of M again: pushing the effort level a bit more and not trying to control my run. Yes it starts to hurt in the back of the thighs (right under the bums), but if I can hold a liiiiitle more. Smiling at the passing of km8 as it is approx. 4minutes faster than yesterday’s easy run (on a flat ground). Turning, being passed by a guy (THAAAAANKS!) and then looking eagerly for the 9km-sign. Got a race-help information that I am 3rd and not that far from the 2 first and from the finish line. Still looking for the 9km-sign. Arriving on the square where the finish line is and wondering whether we have to take a new round before…. nope, the ironwoman is turning left and me too. Checking quickly my watch 39:20….NO WAY I SPEND 40SECONDS TO REACH THE FINISH LINE. Final sprint, new turn aaaaaand: 39:45 on the clock.

Got my official time during the distribution of the prices: 39:44 – NEW PB by 64 seconds!!! under the rain, when R said that with this weather it is better not to plan anything (good advice!). Sub40 FINALLY! Great way to complete the year really.

Finally arrived :)

Finally arrived 🙂

Weather: 5ºC, Feels like 1ºC, 19 km/h E wind, Humidity 93% – ok, I can agree on the 5-6ºC, but not for the real feel. Did NOT feel like 1ºC at all!. Wind? Unsure was any. Rain? Definitely. Up to km3.5/4 was irritating as it fell in the eyes and made it difficult to keep them opened!

Food: before tea + banana (1hr before) // right after (within 30/40min): 1 bottle water + 1 banana +1 spicy hot dog +1 twix // during: 2 Dextrosol @2 & 8km – after 5hrs (a bit late after the race maybe): dinner

Gear: ADIDAS Supernova Boston, NY Singlet, SOC purple wind-jacket, wind gloves – shoes felt great. Light and not feeling them. So annoying there is a hole on the net starting. Have to find replacement for them 😦

NOTE: had a plaster on the left foot to avoid possible blister 🙂

NOTE: the wind-jacket was good to have, although with all the rain it was pretty sticky on the arms. Without having the BIB on it, I would have taken it out after half way! Maybe long sleeves would have suit better?

16/ Hesitating between a 16+ or a 17. Definitely pushing more than during the last 10K race. Feeling of ease from Berlin was NOT there. There was a feeling of ease, but effort was there all the time. Probably km8 to the end was the effort on the mind-side a good 17-18 (i.e. for not running “controlled”). But the overall is a good 16. More to give at the end? Definitely! Could have run faster? Don’t know. But the lack of runners around makes the pacing a bit tricky to keep.

NOTE: Great to meet jogg-buddies A, U, R and S as well as other runners met in other races (Maria who won the race had passed me the same way during Åsaloppet in July…)


Hugs with the two other placed female runners, clothes changing under the tent, receiving my price (8 bottles of energy water, a massage, chocolate and then toffee “strawberries/cream”). Got to the train station, missed the train by the second (the doors clsed right in front of me… what is the point of running a 10K sub40, if I cannot make it for my train TWICE the same day?!?!?). Well at home, directly hot-bubbles bath to get the cramp-feeling of the backside of the thighs to disappear. Chilling out after that (read: food-shopping, cooking and having a nice evening).

Definitely to have on the list for next year as despite not being my preferred distance, 10K are fun to run!

6 responses

  1. Congratulations on achieving your sub 40!! Such a great feeling (even if you missed the train twice!). Super end to the year for you, well done! I’d be interested in reading what goals you have for 2014. 🙂

    November 10, 2013 at 12:01 am

    • Thanks! Real cool to be part of the “sub40-club” (even though this means I have to continue the effort to remain in the group!)
      Goals for 2014 have to be rearranged a bit…sub40 for the 10K was one of them,…

      November 10, 2013 at 12:55 pm

  2. Välkommen till sub40-klubben. Hade du verkligen 17.51 efter 5k? Då måste du haft mkt mjölksyra resten av vägen 🙂
    Om 17.51 stämmer borde du nog ha gått ut 1 minut långsammare på första 5 och då gått in på sub39 efter 10k.

    November 10, 2013 at 8:29 am

    • Tack, tack och jättetack!
      Nej du, 17:51 på 5K hade jag inte även i mina drömmar!!! Speciellt eftersom det mättes precis när vi hade sprungit upp “backen”… Så visst kan jag synas som duktig, men SÅ bra är jag inte! 🙂
      39:45 enligt min klocka / 39:44 officiellt tid. Struntar i halvavägen tid 🙂

      November 10, 2013 at 12:57 pm

      • Well done

        November 10, 2013 at 4:36 pm

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