Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

No race, no glory?

Following a celebration day, what else than a nice 10K run ended with speedwork under a drizzling rain?… The month of October was completed pretty well with nice volume (despite the low weeks after Berlin marathon) and some tough weeks at work.
Therefore November started with a full rest day and out of office 🙂  Continuing the eccentric heel raises as they feel a little sensitive from time to time. So far the week has been quite weak in strength training. Have to set more focus on this (well, this means basically “doing it” instead of something else…

Today, Saturday, was potentially a race day. 10K in gravel, grass, a bit of terrain and little asphalt. As we went to bed around midnight, the early morning and lack of sleep were a bad combination so skipped the race. Fully enjoyed G&E running theirs however. After sausage & hamburgers grilling with others from the club, aimed back home. Took a short while before I jumped into my gear though. Had them prepared yesterday for hopefully either the race or early morning  run… Not a chance! Took an easy warmup of 3K in the city, a bit heavy legs so was glad I did not raced at lunch time… By km 1 I was already regretting my bonnet and by the end of the warmup, I thought of taking off my scarf and wind jacket too… Did not. Started my 10km a bit faster, sun in the eyes. Second km was although a “race-like” pace. So had to convince myself to slow down. This increased strangely the effort of the run to add 5-10 sec/km… But this was the plan, and I want to bee able to give it all next weekend.  Ended the 10K in 42+ and was very happy about it! If course afterwards, can always analyse (!) where I could have won a few sec… Chill down back home, including stretch. Close to 16 nice km. good to start the weekend!

Now really tired and shall up early for breakfast tomorrow… And if course there can be glory without a race…

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