Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

After the storm…the rain?

Yesterday, Monday, was a rest day from running…Started with strength without for the legs (VSA legs*3), the 3rd reps being way tougher than expected (and boring!). Won’t do this serie more than twice and have to add some difficulty instead. Plankan variations 50 sec was a tough cookie, but as usual it feels so good afterwards! Stormy weather outside so skipped the run-I-should-not-do-anyway-because-it-is-a-rest-day. More work done and bedtime came later than planned…

Therefore the surprise when I heard the clock this morning…Must be something wrong…just jumped into my bed a second ago… Anyway took 10 minutes to recover, go up, put in the morning running gear and off in the cold… Actually not that cold, pretty nice in the air. Still shorts and once again had to take of my rain jacket after 5km as I was to warm. Nice 10K before back home, shower breakfast and work.
This evening was so inviting for another run that the gear got themselves out of their drawers on their own… Pitch black, only city lights on. Had planned a 15km with progressive pace. First 5km went according to plan. But when you start a faster part with a stiff slope, it ain’t gonna work! Still got a good grip up to the top and then it was just to fire off downhill. Those second 5km were faster than the planned 3rd. Therefore changer of strategy, the last 5km would be slower. Got a bit of fun with a nice sprint during final 500m 🙂

Now my eyes are so tired they are closing themselves, no longer responding to the impulses from the brain… More later…

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  1. Duktig som fĂĄ

    October 30, 2013 at 8:19 am

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