Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Race Report – Sävedalsloppet 2013/10/19

Planned: run for fun, under 43 (as unsure of the current strength… 43 has been done during training, therefore the thought to be slightly under…)

Actual: 40:48 => new PB by 21 seconds!
place: 2nd 🙂

Good flow throughout the race. Not really “feeling” like running, just “being” there and letting the feet doing all the ncie work.


Easy morning, stayed longer than planned in bed, no rush. 8:00am – time for shower and getting ready. T was kind enough to prepare breakfast for all. I prepared my oat-porridge breakfast with banana, blueberries, gojjiberries and cranberries with soymilk. Tricky to know what to eat this morning, as this is not prior to a long run, nor a long distance race. 10K-training are generally done without any special food before (and most likely early in the morning right after getting up). All ready, aimed to the bus. Took shorter than planned. Meeting in the bus some other runners, small like older ones. Well-arrived, walked a little bit to the start. Prepared our registration (10K for me and 1K for E). Got our BIB and it was still 10:20am… Nothing done really until E’s race @11:15am. Then changed to have my long-sleeves from San Francisco under my purple SOC singlet (would regret this later on…). Meeting Lennart from MIK, and then off with the trousers for an easy warm-up. Settling with GET where they would see me and approximately when. The plan was to check the form and see what can be done 3 weeks after Berlin. Wish to be under 43minutes though as this is a reference done during training. Warmup was not as I planned. Easy jog more likely, with some accelerations between street ligths. 11:45am – going to the starting line when people where gathering, still warming up. Could join some crazy-fast runners on the start line 🙂


3minutes to the start and I already regret having put my long sleeves under my singlet. Tried to take it off, but it is too tight, so skipping it. A loooong runner put himself right before me 😦 and then it was just counting down with 5seconds to go…

The start went smoothly. Did not feel any push, which was surprising with all the testosterone around… Saw the first female runner passing me before leaving the arena and then the second one right after. So the plan (!) was to keep them in sight and not letting other female runners passing me. Piece of cake, right? The first km went pretty fast in 3:52, downhill first and then slight slope. Meeting S from jogg and his aim is 40minutes, so the plan (another one!) is to try keeping up with him 🙂 The route is not flat at all, having slopes a little everywhere. But who says uphill, says…downhill 🙂 Entering in the forest around km2, having the Solvinking female runner right in front of us. Not many passing by then. Tricky to run on the leaves which had covered the path. Reaching a little bridge where we met the first runners coming back from the lap in the forest (yapp, THAT fast they are! Almost a km ahead, after my 2.5km when we have start at the same time… Anyhow, the lap in the forest is easy (although tricky to see that km4 is @4:28, when I actually thought I was doing fine!). Then a little slope and reaching km5, took 2Dextrosol and a gulps of water at the water station. Thinking gladly that now, there was less than half to go. And then it was just to keep up with the Solviking girl. By km6 we were running side-by-side and it felt great. Still comparing quickly in my mind the distance left with a similar “training distance”. Thinking as well about my workout from early Wednesday morning when I did finish the last 4km in fast pace. Just have to run those 4 last km way faster, I thought! (and I did…) The second plan of following S was not gonna happen as he disappeared far away while still in the forest. So back to plan A and the possibility to make the podium 🙂 Km7 passing by the Solviking girl and heading alone. No more runner really passing by, but I am passing one or two. Missing km7 mark – btw and this is really annoying as I thought I had 2km left when actually I had 3… The marks were differing barely for first 2km and then my Garmin beeped ca.100m after the km-mark. Therefore was expecting a much longer “last km” as for Åsaloppet… km8 is having a slope up and I took it on the top of the toes, which surprised the two runners I passed. Got encouragements though 🙂 Met a “Lonely Runner” during the last km and more encouragements as he apparently had passed me twice already. Quick look behind when seeing km8-mark. No one directly behind me, so tried to accelerate. Still not checking my watch (only check @1st km and then km4 or so, then around km7). Light uphill to the final km (click “lap” on the watch to have a “correct” last km. Then this is the next-final turn towards 500m. Getting encouragement by the guy with flag showing the way to take and he tells me to keep up this way as I am in second place for the women. Doing my best to pass two more runners. On the final 300m a runner ahead of me is accelerating and I definitely try (!) to do the same…Right at the turn into the stadium, I check my watch and it show 40:03… Yes! It is less than 200m and I can make it under 41minutes I think! Digging deep into the strengths I think I have and lifted my the cheerings around I cross the finish line… Stopping my watch (I thought…) and noticing after a short while that it is still counting. So 41:43 on my watch (I actually pressed “Lap” not “Stop”…).

Got the official time then: 40:48 – NEW PB by 21 seconds, on a route more ups&downs than last “PB-route” in July… Insolently fit after the finish line. Could have gone for a few km really as feeling (finally) warmed up. Sub40 not for this time, although getting closer 🙂

Price distribution to the first 3 female runners 🙂


Happy runner after the finish line (and a few minutes searching for the cheering squad…)


And yes, I was freezing a bit by this time!


Weather: 7ºC, Feels like 4ºC, 13 km/h SSW wind, Humidity 81% – unfortunately it was really cloudy at the start and therefore feeling a bit chilly. Sun showing itself shyly after the finish line…

Food: before banana (45min before) // right after: 1 banana+1 water mug + 2 sirop+1 energy drink // during: 2 Dextrosol @5km – 2hrs after: Butcher’s hamburger w/French fries + Pepsi to celebrate

Gear: ADIDAS Supernova Boston, SF lg sleeves, SOC purple singlet – shoes felt great. Like steps most of the time. Unfortunately felt the blister on left foot after a couple of km…noticed when taking of the socks after the race that the plaster…

The long sleeves could have really been skipped. Might have run faster then (if being slightly colder :))

14/ A good 14 for the whole race. Probably reaching a strong 14 around km3 but mostly due to the mind saying that there was no need to push as this was the first race since Berlin and Berlin was great. Compared to Åsaloppet in July, this one was a real piece of cake 🙂 Enjoyable from start to end, having the mind not bothering too much apart from checking to keep track of the female runner in front of me and getting some comparisons with other similar training distances. Cannot set more than this when I see how it felt afterwards really.

NOTE: Once again, real fun to meet jogg- and club-buddies 🙂
NOTE: Cheering squad on place and I was really expecting some shouting on the finish line (as I had at the start…)… After waiting a few minutes, went back to the finish line and there was my cheering squad, enjoying warm chocolate milk and waiting for me to pass by…


Quick chat with other runners, clothes changing, bus-trip back home and celebrating in a hamburger-bar 🙂 Hot shower finally at home and hot tea. A bit of headache now, but after this week, it is not really surprising… Chilling out now for the rest of the day. Will have to set a few 10K on the race list for next year.


Yummy for any tummy!

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