Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

I cried a river over you…

Nice (short) sleep – could not really realize it was 4:50am when the light of the phone went on. Snooze for 5minutes and up. Got dressed as soon as someone that just got up @5:00am. Mobile showing 1ºC, no way I will get in shorts (!). So long tights it was… would regret it after 1 km or so! Started a bit later than planned so tried to get back the wasted time on the warmup part. 8km easy pace (kind-of) followed by 4fast km. Was a bit disappointed when completing my run as I thought I ran 5sec/km slower than the higher range. But it was actually 5sec/km faster than the higher range and the last km at the lowest range. So very much pass! Not too sure it reflects what the body can really now, three weeks after Berlin, but for a 5am-workout, it will do! 12km, stretch and croissants for breakfast.

Workshop all day long. Had to stand quite a lot today, having this ache in the back of the left thigh again 😦 then time to go home. Dinner preparation (as G’s got Monday & Tuesday, was only fair that I prepared today 🙂 Porkfilet in white soy sauce, French fries and veggies. Yummy for any tummy! OK, once again could have skipped eating before running, but lunch was far away… Gears on @6pm, ran w/E to the tram stop and then went along for an easy 8km. Took the slopes-way to the bridge, took it once this time (but the long way) and then back home. Noticed when uploading my run that it went way faster than a “recovery” or “easy” run. But feeling was great, did not feel like pushing nor making any effort really. The effort would have been to concentrate on running slower… This time, shorts on as well as SF long sleeves. Skipped the bonnet and should have left the gloves at home as well…Completed the run with plank (3min) on “The Story” and thorough stretch.

Good work for today, summarizing a 20km over two nice workouts. Tomorrow – full rest day (not even planning for core or strength…). Real busy day arriving to its end…finally…

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