Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

How to tackle a forest when you ain’t a mountain goat…

Late up, awaiting for the sun to come out, but it did not. Lights out however took me directly to breakfast and a bit of chores which had been waiting way too long already. An hour later, breakfast had settled down and it was time to get some pavement under my shoes. Boston shorts and SF long sleeves: a winning combination for running on terrain today! Music in the ears, took the first hill from home to warmup (yes, this was no lazy warmup taking the flat way to the forest…). Got stopped by P in his car. Have to book a run really (so I will definitely be faster on shorter distance than marathon if I can follow him during training!!!). Finally warmed up by 2km asphalt, a bit of stretching and time to run up in the Gardens. A bit fun to see the look on the face of people all around, in their warm autumn/winter jackets and me smiling in shorts and light long sleeves sweater… Ran up the hill to the forest (without stopping…which surprise me a lot!). Checked a bit the map at the entrance of the forest and decided that for this time NOT to leave the path I was on (Yaaa, sure…). No music in the ear, great feeling, lovely colours… and the first dead end arrived…at the end of a nice downhill. Just had to run up the hill and go back to the last crossroad and turn right instead. Happened twice, but seriously I was still enjoying. No stopping during the uphill (as J said, this should be good for the thighs training… hope this is correct!). Reaching km12, there was a dip. Did not want really to continue, the song “This girl is on fire” which I had in the head since the start, was getting slower and slower and seriously I wanted to stop. But nope, said the other side of the brain. I was anyway in the middle of nowhere and NOT A CHANCE I would walk back home! Close to fall a few times (watch out for the teeth then! the tree roots are not showing themselves under the leaves cover…). km13 I faced a dilemma: running up a stiff hill OR running down to somewhere which would make me going further from my goal (I think…). Good guess! Three runners from the family “mountain-goats” passed me with a hi and a smile and took the slope. Incredible how they could just make it so easy. So I went along slowly walking up and not trying to race them! By the top I had come to the first runner, thank them for the help to go up the hill and then off I went as the strengths were back knowing I was only 1km or so from the Gardens. Dangerous downhills with stones rolling down and then just running up and down and up and down… until the Gardens. In with music again, so happy to reach the asphalt again and off towards home. At this point, the plan was straight home, but I put two small hills and then it was time to complete the run. 18.5km (which 14km were in the forest… a new record!). Rewarded myself with a funny-smoothie done with 1 banana, 2 pears, 2 clems and a gainomax strawberry… Not too bad, although might not prepare this again 🙂

Regarding running in the forest vs on asphalt… No chance I would trade my “title” of Asphalt-Princess for the one of Forest-Queen (there is already one anyway, right E? 🙂 ). Felt nice to run in the forest, no mistake on this. However it is so much about focusing on not falling on the roots, being careful and avoid the slippery wet muddy parts and the silence… (OK, the silence was nice until I start freaking out because I have not seen anyone since a while and have no clue where I am…But ok, silence is good!). But independently how I ran, all the paths looked the same. Even the ones I took back and forth after reaching a dead end… How do you explain THAT?!? Anyway, will do my best to have this type of run (in the forest) at least once a month… Ok enough you think? I can find hills with asphalt and with the cold arriving, it is WAY safer to run on the asphalt… 😉 Yes I could go on with lots of other reasons why running on asphalt is better/funnier/safer…

Chilling out rest of the day. it was enough training for the day and the week. Just thinking that Berlin was 2 weeks ago is hard to believe… Would trade my Monday for standing on the starting line again…(would also trade my Tuesday and Wednesday…and if not enough the Thursday may also go and the Friday…). Two weeks of recovery IS good… But the emptiness after the marathon has not appear that much this time… Just wishing to be on a start line soon again…

Sleeping on its way now, to keep the mood up for the heavy week ahead. Planning to have this song as the theme for the week 🙂


3 responses

  1. Eva

    Hehehehe. The world is indeed upside down when you´re running in the forest and I am running on asphalt. But soon the world order will be back to normal again 😉

    October 14, 2013 at 10:42 am

    • So true! Have been on asphalt for two runs now, and feel so much more in my element… meaning: there will be more terrain-runs so to enjoy even more the “running-back to the asphalt”! 😉

      October 15, 2013 at 9:32 pm

      • Eva

        Hahaha. Exactly! Good thinking! 😉

        October 15, 2013 at 9:55 pm

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