Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

I hear the drizzle of the rain…

What a good night’s sleep does to one is not possible to describe! Still a bit of snoozing this morning, but up early anyway. Quick change (and this time I chose my Supernova Boston shorts and did not trade them for longer ones!) and off under a drizzling rain… Hmmm, what a nice way to start the day! Night still, met a few cabs finishing/starting their day and off I ran along the harbour. Crossing the path of early people going to work, which I met with a big smile. And today, I had a strategy for ALL the people who stare: I gave a LARGE smile AND I said hi (loud and clear)… You cannot imagine how many smiles I got back from tired faces. I was pleased! A  bit undecided on where to run, so I took a bit of detour to ensure finishing with at least 10K. Up towards the bridge was the part where the mind tried to trick the rest of the body to stop and rest…But I know better than that! Kept on running, smiling to the bikes I was passing (I know, it might not be pleasant to be passed by a runner, but I do not say anything when they pass me!). Well on the bridge it felt like flying. Unsure whether there was some wind or not though, but flying-feeling definitely! Continued without meeting my rabbits friends this time. On the other side of the water it was very nice to admire the landscape and the fog above the water. So different from Sunday’s run! Finished the last km on this side of the water with a race against the ferry (which I lost… for THIS time!). Felt nice to increase a bit the pace as this is the first time since Berlin I do that. A bit of stretching on the ferry and then easy run back home. 11km @very decent pace. Finished the workout with a plank of 2min when I arrived home.

Shower, protein drink and banana and off I started to work. About the protein drink (see below), I usually have chocolate and vanilla flavours (as these are the ones sold in the closest shop), but definitely like the blueberry and raspberry. Strawberry flavour taste a bit strange. But THIS ONE! PEAR… a new one, never seen before. It tastes like pear sorbet on a summer night… Really nice!

Rest of the day spent with heavy working. Not always easy to work from home, as tending to stay sitting most of the time. Eating way to fast and continuing to work late. This time I decided to take away Indian food (favourite: Tandoori chicken – really good but not as good as the chicken we had at my friend on Saturday!) and then some snacks during the afternoon. Ended the day with chicken lever, toast and salad. May sound strange, but this is really good (and hopefully helps to keep my iron levels up!)

Now I am VERY tired and ready to close my eyes. Tomorrow, core exercises on the program (as I was a bit lazy today and only run…without even pushing…). Starting to think about races for next year. Nothing decided yet, and I would consider all suggestions!



Pear flavour, close you eyes and dream yourself back to a nice summer evening with a cool pear sorbet in your hands…


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