Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Rest, pitch black run, rabbit friends and sponge cake with chocolate

Saturday was a clear rest day. Up way to early with dizzy thoughts, got back to bed after a while for being awaken by a nice bowl of freshly cut apple brought to my bed. Pancakes smell took me outside the bed completely! A bit of shopping, easy lunch and then cosy afternoon, before meeting Indian friends for dinner. Great evening, no difficulty to fall into Morpheus arms after that!

And then it was 4am (I think I will stop searching for what is actually happening at this time of the night, as it definitely must be something!). This time, did not try to get back to sleep, woke up slowly and then in my gear…to notice my clock’s battery was dead… a bit of charging (time for emptying dishwasher and hanging clothes…), changed gear to 3/4 socks instead of short shorts as it indicated 3ºC on my mobile… (Could not have been more wrong! By km3 I was already to warm (and still it was 5ºC apparently). The two long sleeves were not helping either…) and off I went in a pitch-black city. Reaching the harbours is always nice, quiet and calm, lights reflecting on the water…I noticed having had 55 bikes passing this particular spot before me today (on a Sunday!!!). Cannot remember really how I reached the bridge, but then I was easily in the middle and admiring quietly the city lights. Then easy down to the other side of the water, crossing the “trucks-sleeping-area” and then quick stop to see the skies starting to lighten up a bit. Tricky run as some parts were lacking of lightning and it looked a bit slippery from time to time. But kept myself on my feet. Hi to the guard ensuring no one is incidentally coming into the companies on this side of the water. Then I met my first two little rabbits friends (the photo is a little blur, but could not get too close). They did disappear pretty fast as well (and my legs seriously did not want to give them a match this morning!). Reached the first wood-bridge and decided to skip all of them for avoiding to fall on their slippery surface (which meant doing a detour along the harbours of a total several hundreds meters – there were three bridges…). After the second bridge I just stand and looked as the sun showing himself slowly at the horizon. What a sight. Not even the photo below gives it justice. Then tried to continue on the harbours but this time the constructions have started seriously and it was VERY closed. Climbed the second bridge and then ran under it and then flat until home. 18km at real easy pace and low pulse. Best way to end this run? Stopping by 7Eleven for buying croissant for breakfast! (This is Sweden here, and not France…No bakery would be opened at 7am on a Sunday morning!) AND following the stretch exercises by a 2-minutes plank (with a smile).

Rest of the day spent chilling out. Final touch of the day: Food! Breakfast was a clear winning start with croissants, lunch a good second place with oven-baked saithe with lemon sauce, home-made potato purée and green peas and dinner turned into spaghetti carbonara…followed by heart-shaped sponge cake with chocolate in them… Yapp! Time to get good food on the table is definitely Sundays!

Long day anyway, end of “zero week”. Training has been the lowest since a while…Time for ramping up tomorrow 🙂


Nice to see I am not the only crazy one up so early on a Sunday morning…


Little blurry, but so nice in real…


Peaceful view from the bridge


Already on the other side of the water (and the lights popping out …)


One of my fast (and blurry) furry friend – too fast for me this morning!


Sunrise on the harbour


Fishy, isn’t it?


Up the bridge…


…and down the bridge!




Time to cut the ribbon…

2 responses

  1. Jag gillar verkligen ditt mat intag! Låter alltid lika gott och riktigt flitigt att vara uppe på morgonkvisten. schhnnnnyyygggaaa armband

    October 7, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    • Franska sidan skall väl kunna användas för det bästa eller hur? Visst är det kul med mat!

      Gällande tidigt morgonpass är det alltid super roligt (när man är väl ute och springer!). Skulle inte sätta klockan på kl.3 (tidigast har varit 4 för att springa direkt. Annars går jag upp tidigt för att äta innan långpass -jag sover igen efter denna tidig frukost dock!)

      och tack! hade blå/gul från Berlin och svart från Dubai idag och de passade perfekt till min outfit på jobbet 🙂

      October 7, 2013 at 10:43 pm

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