Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Berlin – Recovery Day 4

Ok, now it feels like it is enough. I know I promised (did not swear on it…) to take a full week off running, but it is now getting boooooring. Up this morning at 4:03am (yap! Change of time apparently!), forced myself to remain in bed. In normal day, would have certainly put in my gear and tiptoed outside home for a run, but not today. I considered for a while to take a bike ride, but with headlight and when it is pitch black outside??? No thank you!
Did a quick run to the ferry though, he he he! 600m definitely not at easy pace, but fine. Slight feeling in the calves but who would blame them…
Day at work full full full and then back home. Crashed on the soffa watching “a castle in the sky” so sent all to bed a but earlier than normal… And now I cannot sleep!

So if waking up early tomorrow, will definitely consider a super-easy run in the dark. Recovery pace, easy and relaxing.

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