Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Berlin – Recovery Day 2&3

Two in one!

4:40am…no clock ringing, just the mind wanting to go up (really?!?!).
First day back at the office with nonstop meetings from 8am to 4:30pm… Can I run a marathon with a smile all the way, I can well survive such a day! Really tired afterwards but fit enough for restaurant outing with GET to celebrate 🙂 Late in bed (again…) but still happy!
Did absolutely no running, not even to catch the ferry this morning!

4:40am…AGAIN! Start to believe there is something special with this particular time of the day! Not enough flour, so no pancake :o(
Early start at work once again, directly to meeting. Feel so clear in the mind after a race, this is almost scary. Can see much brighter, focus more and get the dots connected… Sushi for lunch under the sun. And full afternoon meeting until aiming fast home to hear that the vaccination for T is tomorrow and not today… So much for my planning!
Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, meeting at the athletic club and ended the day with croque-monsieur and glass of chocolated soymilk…Sounds like have been eating all day, but no!

Bedtime story and final reading about the recommendations regarding the week after marathon for maximizing recovery. Pfitzinger recommends at least 2 days off-running and then super easy run if really need to. It always surprise me having fellow runners already in their running gear the day after the marathon. Not that I do not want to run then…my whole body shouts for more running! But so far, have always had a full week or so without running, before resuming training. Berlin being the last marathon for this year, it is nice actually to rest a bit, not chasing anything… Will see how long I can say that and still smiling 🙂

Time for beauty sleep and muscle recovery…

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