Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Berlin – Recovery Day 1

And so it was 3:20am…again! Early flight means early leaving from home…should know that by now! Gave myself a rewarding 10 minutes in bed before going up (I did run a marathon yesterday after all!). Throwing all the small things left all around, drying the dishes and off I left to the train station to take my (early) bus for catching my (early) flight.

Got a well-deserved breakfast at the airport (chausson aux pommes, pain au chocolat and hot chocolate – the large one!) while I was checking the results of the marathon in the newspaper. Really cool to see one’s name in this looooong list of courageous (and/or crazy?) runners. Well in the plane, unable to sleep, started to talk with my neighbor, Suzy Seeley. Got that she was not fully satisfied with her race, but will do. She is from Houston and has run (so far)…194 marathons! In 19 years!! And even more impressive, she started when she was 35!!! (so, when I come with my few 10 marathons and a smile… a bit more to learn and run!). All is in the recovery she said. If you are to race, do it intelligently and listen to the body. Great way to spend the first flight to Frankfurt (Yaaa, once again!).

The second flight was pretty cool and smooth as well. Sat close to Yuri Maier…Olympic wrestler from Argentina (how cool is that!). Talked a lot and then the flight was landing. So much for travelling back home! (ya…forgot to ask for an autograph…but might fly to Rio for the Olympic Games and watch in 2016!).

Return home from a race is always a bit tricky. Always forgetting that life goes on when you are away in your thoughts and your race. So finding back a city well into autumn, got an light lunch and rest for the afternoon. A bit of work in the evening to catch up (hey, as I said, life goes on!). Crazy tired, late in bed once more, but happy!

Recovery Day 1 – completed!

To Yuri: would you read those words, drop me a comment! 🙂





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