Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Early, long, exhausting, relaxing carb-free day

Early start with a 10K in the dark, 1°C outside, with a finish at expected MP. Too much clothes on, so Berlin will definitely see me in shorts! Then run to work. Heavy days with meeting, no time to rest.  Being a carb-free, the day felt exhausting. My plan to have a calm week during the marathon is once again not working well… Back home a bit late, could have a massage which was all but relaxing… Tension in the shoulders is never fun to discover!

Got enough protein today for the rest of the week probably! Still planning what outfit to have in Sunday… Packing is on the way. Just have to throw everything in a bag and run to the airport.

Lots of thoughts right now…too many probably!

Berlin…4 days to go…more sleep now (everything that make time go quicker!)

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