Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Even the Best need some rest…right?

Not meaning by this I am part of “the  Best” though!!!

Today the right foot was a bit tired. Having high-heel shoes at work actually feel really nice for the feet… What was bothering today was this “cloudy feeling” of ache in the top of the left thigh. Noting new, had it before  but now it is back. Best position is to stand up at work…
Got a visit to the Naprapath.for the heels and bum muscle. Shock wave therapy once more…Ouch, really! Long nap after being back home and then easy evening (read: tidying…).

Reviewed my plans for the weekend and there will be no race tomorrow. Better rest or easy short run, them risking to impact in the heels negatively. Long run will still be on anyway. Last one really before Berlin.

Now it starts to feel it is for real… 15 days to go. Not stressed directly, but bubble is on the way. Much happening around so a bit tricky to handle even this preparation in the top of all things. But will make it work…always do! 😉

Sweet dreams!

Berlin…15 days to go…

One response

  1. Ja, onödigt att stressa foten med en tävling.

    September 14, 2013 at 9:20 am

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