Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Long run “Boston style”…

Awaken by the rain in the middle of the night, the plan for a long run felt a bit boring then. So no problem to stay under the cover for a few more hours!

Up @7am, breakfast 7:30am (oat-porridge with blueberries and gojjiberries and oatmilk). Then cozy-lazy morning watching series on tv. By 9:30am the skies were looking pretty well, so decided to go along with my plan: take the bus to a city far away and run back on a straight line so I would have a flat route to do my long run (which was including fast bouts and fartlek). Gears on, bought a banana just before jumping into the bus.

Bus trip to start... without the Boston Ambiance though

Bus trip to start… without the Boston Ambiance though

30 minutes later I was arriving at the little harbour which was 20km away from home (and not 25 as I was hoping for…). Took some pics, set the music and started to run.

Nice view of my start

Nice view of my start

Boats, boats, boats...

Boats, boats, boats…

Easy run at first, trying to keep a slow pace and low pulse. After a few km, was too warm with tshirt and camelbak so I took of the tshirt. Really quiet roads to run, but nice to meet bikes and runners or walkers from time to time.

Rain marks from last night...

Rain marks from last night…

After this good warm-up, started some fast bouts, which were quite a challenge. Unsure why but the last one got me a bit of difficulty to complete (probably due to the gel that I tried to get in and that seemed to be too thick despite the water drank right after). Does not matter, was satisfied enough with the first two fast bouts and wanted to ensure I had enough strength to do the fartleks at the end… which I did 🙂 Running every second minute fast/slow is really fun (even if done under heavy rain pouring on you!!!)

Start of second part under the rain...

Start of second part under the rain…

Got a nice cooldown after that, so decided to take a little detour to see the largest container boat of the world which had a stopover in our harbour.

Cool container-boat

Cool container-boat

Then my watch indicated that the workout was done (i.e. I had reached 27km), but I still was a bit away from home. So two choices: run to the nearest tram stop (meaning running back from where I came from for ca.2km) OR run directly home (for 5km or so…). Second alternative was chosen 🙂 This completed my run of 32km, which is really making me pleased as this is the longest run done since… Stockholm marathon I think! By the time I had the alternative choices to make, my mp3 died on me… Probably not liking to be under the rain 😦

Well arrived home, I was starving. So quick shower and then prepared Coltings pancakes: protein-bomb after-run really. The recipe is pretty simple: 1 banana, 5 eggs, 2tsp peanut butter. The first time I did this I though it was for a single pancake… which turned out as REALLY thick! This time I did three of them (although four would have been better). All in a plate, threw on the top forest fruit, mango, kiwi and maple syrup. AND just enjoyed! (OK it was a liiiiitle  too much. Next time I’ll take only two of them!).

Mums banana-pancakes

Mums banana-pancakes


After that, maximum of chillout. Ice-cold bath for the calves, resting with legs up, watching a bit of tv and then evening out. Became a long day. So lots of sleep to get on Sunday morning!

2 responses

  1. Hur kan man göra pannkaka utan mjöl eller gryn? Det måste ju bli som en omelett?

    September 1, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    • Nja, det kallas bananpankakor i alla fall. Gör man bara en, visst kan det smaka liiiite omelett, men gör man flera stycken, då smakar det som…bananpankaka 😉

      September 2, 2013 at 7:19 pm

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