Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Is double really trouble???

Up with the birds and the light in the sun light in the skies … Actually no. No bird singing this morning and no light in the skies. 4:30am is too early for any decent things, animal, person, star in the skies aso… Therefore I waited until 5:00am to get up 🙂

A bit of problem with balance until got a warm shower, gear on and off I left. Unsure really where and how long. 10k at least. Body felt fine (no dizziness from the morning) and a drizzling rain was falling. Skipped the run in the park as it was still pretty dark and then went along with a couple of bikes for a while. Change route for the fun of it, and turn right, left, right followed a lady with a dog and then reached a cross-road: either straight forward – flat OR turn right – slope/hill… 2.3seconds  thinking and off I sent along the slope/hill. Was a bit worried for my heel but noticed then that I did not noticed it until… well, did not noticed it. it felt normal while running (Yippie!). While reaching the top of the hill and km5 or so, heavy rain started pouring down the skies and the most boring is not the rain, but the impossibility to really keep the eyes opened in this situation! Took 2km or so before it stopped. No need to say that my outfit of shorts and tshirt was not directly the best one. Although it was quite nice temperature outside 17ÂşC or so. The light started to show off the skies but still grey. Continued to run just, the mind fully occupied to think about plenty of things. It is not often it does  that. Generally it is more likely to calculate which pace I should take to reach home as fast as possible for a given distance… (Yes, running can be fun for the mind!). By km16 started to meet other runners and even got a couple of smiles. Took a detour to find out (finally) where the French bakery of the city is hidden (have been searching for it for AGES!!! really!) And this morning I finally found it. I had been running in all the streets around apart from this little bout of street that nobody really notice anyway. Bought a chausson aux pommes and ran back home under drizzling rain again. No need to say that the chausson aux pommes disappeared before even crossing the front door! 19km was the distance of this morning run. Low pulse all the way and decent pace as well. Had not really planned so long and would certainly be still running if it was not for work during the day!

Serious headache and dizziness during the day, so had in mind to skip running this evening. But as the motivation at the moment is not on the top, as good to get some fresh air as often as possible. Gear on and off to the pavement to run. Good music in the ears, no need to guide the feet, just let them decide where they wan to go! Got a nice 7km before reaching the French bakery again. This time it was 15 minutes before closing and most of all was gone. So took a vanilla flan (Yummy!) and ran the last km home. 8.4km and a flan 🙂

Total of the day is ending to 27+km, which is quite nice number. Now time for some rest to see if the head will be fine to run long and fun tomorrow…probably not at 5am though!

Berlin: less than a month to go…

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