Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Why not doubling the odds?…

Too tired (again!) to get up for a morning run, it turned into a working-early instead. Had all morning meetings completed when I changed to my running gear for an interval workout. A bit worried so as 1) based on time and 2) took my ASICS Gel DS SKyspeed (which have not seen my feet since the race early July…). Anyway, sun outside and definitely heat on the way, I took a 3km warmup before my time intervals (4-3-2-1)min *3. Not a chance I would complete this and definitely not at the recommend/suggested pace I thought. But surprisingly the first serie went fine and smooth. The second one was sweaty and slightly tougher but still fine. The last one was the fastest (more or less) leaving nothing but the taste of satisfaction in the mind 🙂 Easy cool down back home of 4km (yes, miscalculation of start/time to turn/finish seems to be my speciality). 15.32km under strong sun and stupidly the bike road I am using to run has now marks (you know: here is for the bike and here is for the walking people) – the annoying is that the “walking people” line is constantly under the sun, when the bike path is under the shadow… Anyway, great run and followed by hover in the garden as well as thorough stretch. Work continued having my legs in ice-cold bath. The heels seem really to like this.

By 8pm, the legs did not want to rest any longer. So change back to running gear for the second time today and went for an easy-peasy-pace recovery run. The sun down in front of me made it magical (sorry, did not have my cam with me). A bit chilly even at some moment. 12km back home and now really tired so time for bed.

Total for today: 27.3km… Beauty sleep is strongly needed…

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