Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Long run under the sun…

Started the day early so to have time for breakfast before biking to drop E at the ferry. 20 km bike (return) with GET in one way and GT back home. Took real easy at home after that, enjoying the hot sun of this Saturday morning-and-lunch-and-afternoon…
Around 3pm, changed to running gear, prepared water bottles, extra snacks, bananas and gels. Bike for GT, ASICS GT-2000 for me 🙂  Real slow pace at first, even for T… But the heel was feeling a little so did not want to push it. Was expecting anyway to have it warmed up by km10. Ricky to run under the heat, good choice not to have singlet on! Caps and sun glasses were a must really. By km9 got a gel and water, i.e. enough energy to continue. As expected, the heel was by now feeling fine and had a good pace. Talking level definitely despite the heat and the sweat! Got water by  km13, although could have had it slightly earlier… Reached the ferry place 50 minutes in advance and 5K were missing on my expected distance run. So left GT at the station and ran an extra 5K to get to 20K. Then pause which took 25min, when I thought would be max 5/10. Got to take a banana, half a Coca Cola, some fries and a but if hamburger. Thorough stretching if choose under the sun… So when E arrived and it was time to run back home, the legs felt heavy like stones. Took certainly several km before I could get to decide for them on a slightly faster tempo… At pit stop, I incidently twisted my ankle while crossing a tram way… No fun, ache, but able to run. So went along! Nice to finish this long run with an extra 10K, making today’s run to 30.4km, longest run since second well of July. Nothing really fancy, but happy to have completed it.
Note that the pause of 20+ minutes was way to long and I will not do this again!

Well-arrived, took a 15min ice-cold bath for thighs and heels pleasure…not! Did a thorough massage of the right heel and then kept my feet up for a while.

Got to cheer for the Midnight Run taking place in the city, regretting a bit not to be part of it.  But better rest the heel than  running 10K race after a 30km outing…

Now time for some rest…

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