Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Rest, Morning and Lunch…

Multiple day post… Lots to do this week really!

Full day east, only eccentric heel raise done. Heel felt ok although a bit tired. No stress for training, just rest (well, lots to do at work and at home, but nothing on running…)

Decided for an early morning run. Not that I felt really for it when the clock rang at 4:50am though… Did not warm up the heel before the run so it was feeling a little but at first . Had decided an easy 10K, but after 4 km it felt nice and I planned to extend it to 12K… Turning right on the road at a crossing point, I quickly calculated it would make the run close to 15K. By the time I reached home, had completed 16K… Felt really nice of course afterwards and had a nice day at work as well. But got really tired in the evening, so headed to my pillow around 8 pm already… Must have slept shortly after!


Quite dark skies still when starting the run


Newly painted bike road...have to run on the right side now...


Slope not to difficult but not easy either


Much more light here 🙂


Sun going up behind the bridge...

Planned rest day, but after a morning of non-stop meetings, felt like the brain needed some oxygen. So lunch run under hot sun it became. Took the route of the race I will not run on Saturday (to preserve my heel), which turned into a nice paced 10K. Sweaty but happy, had plenty of energy to continue the day!

Berlin: 5 Weeks and 2 days to go…

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