Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Soooo… Where were we? :)

Missed a few days of posting, so here is a quick recap:


Full rest day. Only done eccentric heel raises (with weight, i.e. having my laptop backpack on the back and waiting for the ferry to come… OR how to use wisely the 8/10 minutes of wait ;). The whole day at work was with high heels shoes and surprisingly it feels really great to have such shoes for the heel… Flashdance on tv in the evening, while bathing my feet (up to mid-calf into ice-cold water and alternating with hot water. First round was 30minutes in the cold and 8 minutes in the warm. then 15 and 6, and finishing with 10 and 5. Thorough massage of both heels with Tiger balm before bed and a thorough stretch of the hamstring against the wall as well.


Not too good sleep once again. But the heels felt fine. So eccentric heel raises, VSA legs (*2) and jumped into my GT2000 and direction the shoe store close-by so they could check whether I was running funny/strangely or fine (the reason being that during Thursday run, I “felt” that I was pounding more on the right foot than on the left one). Check done and nothing to declare. Advice was to continue the heel raises, and take it easy. So 21km later (with last km @3:38 again) and low pulse otherwise I reached home and got ready for afternoon tea, sunbath on the balcony and girl-evening 🙂 Of course the run was followed by ice cold + hot bath for both heels (15minutes+6minutes).


Good night sleep, but not enough 🙂 Should have check drinking a bit more water during the day as when deciding to run I felt an urge to drink water. Chose to skip running in my good old GT-2160 purple as they are now soon reaching 1200km… and took a new GT-2000 (2A) – pink laces. Started easy and focus was on keeping a low pulse (and as a result a low pace). 15km later, low pulse for most of the run and two last km at current MP and expected MP (?!) – Good way to finish the day under the sun (especially when the day started with heavy crazy rain!).

Summary of the week:

Never doing any summary for a week, so this is a first: got up in volume to more “regular” number, despite the junk-run of Tuesday. Got two long runs with low pulse and strong finish and two good distance run at low pulse as well. Without forgetting a nice recovery bike tour on Wednesday. Not too bad week indeed!


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  1. Rise and shine

    August 18, 2013 at 9:37 pm

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