Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

When a workout turns (lactic) acid…

What an awful night… So warm outside and no wind to bring inside. So a bit tired this morning. After eccentric heel raises and oat porridge with banana and blueberries (Yummy!), time to get ready for a new 50 km bike. Like earlier this week, planning a 5K slow, 15K fast, 5K slow and same in the way back after a banana pause. The 5K warmup went fine, good weather and almost no wind. Started the fast 15K and got company of another cyclist from this beginning. So did not look really at my pace nor my pulse (which I really would like to see raising…). We talked all the way to the end of the first serie. Then took a break at a little harbour.


Pause km 25

Ate my banana and for this workout, I actually tested to have my camelbak with water. Much easier for drinking every 10K. Although really warm and sweaty on the back… The return was a bit tougher but could reach two fast km above 30 km/h (yippie…). Well back home took a bit of rest and as the skies looked fine decided for a detour to the sea. Really windy and cloudy. Trued to deep my feet and then went up to the thighs (which had by now accumulated lots of lactic avid from the previous ride). But seriously, no way I went further.  Too cold to stay I decided to head home.  Was really close to stop by a shop and buy a warm sweater but the brain is so smart to tell the rest of the body that “no way, it is only 8 km home…”. Well three daily bike workout ended in a total of 75km. Pretty tired, especially in the front of the thighs, I tested a hot/cold shock to see  if it would be better. Took an extra dinner as well (pasta radiators with two eggs and lots of grated emmenthal on the top). Hoping it will make me less tired, but it feels pillow-time is arriving soon. Might take a rest day tomorrow instead of Saturday….although I would try a test run as well…

Nice evening to you…

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