Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

And on the eleventh day she said: “I shall run…”

No laziness from my side fir not writing for the days. Only tired like a lot in the evenings… So a little short recap

Was planned as a rest day (from biking) so had some serious core workout instead, as well as the daily dose of eccentric heel raises. All good and set, afternoon at the sea was planned and I even waited a short while for my transport to bring me there. But changed my mind and jump in the bike which would bring me whenever and wherever I wanted. So 27.35 km ride later (and a nice rest time at the sea), it was time fir a very cruel (but necessary) massage. Shoulders, thighs and hamstrings were really painful, but so welcoming this pain which would make the rest of the week much better!

Not sure yet of my heel being healed (ha ha ha, fun on words!)  So took inspiration in a suggested outing and after a breakfast and ding twice the VSA legs routine, I went along for a ride. Plan: 5km easy pace, 15km fast pace (to be checked with HR) and 5km easy pace. And this twice (so I get back home as well!). Took a flat bike road and hope for the best.
Started good and easy and maybe slightly to fast, but ok. Changed pace after 5K and had a very nice pace already from km6…which was killed @km7 when the chain of my bike “jumped”. Upside down for the bike, put the chain back and off I started again… Until it happened again one little km later… This time I was ready to cry after having spent 6 minutes trying to figure out how to put the chain back as it was so extremely tight. Was very surprised to have a few cyclists passing by without even stopping it asking how it was… Have had one stooping in France for much less than that (ok, I might have looked like completely dehydrated then, but still!). Until one finally stopped and trickily put back the chain and advised to go to the car reparation shop a few 100s meters back and have it fixed. Which I did. A bit nervous to stay my ride again with fast pace in it, I continued. Had a very tough time trying to get both pace and pulse up, but got a decent 15km anyway. Took a short banana break after the easy 5km  then back home taking a slightly different road for the easy 5K. And decided to bike on the main car road on the way back until I reached a straight bike path. A happy me got to the planned 50km. A but of rain reached us right after I arrived and parked my bike. Food food food and little rest. Wanted to by a few stuff for biking so waited fir the tram…until deciding that with this beautiful sunshine I would better bike to my shopping trip. Ended with a, pair of bike gloves, two pains au chocolat and some Powerade. Then wanted to have a little longer ride so took another way home but got very dark skies above me making my easy peasy pace ruse into a bit faster than planned! 21km were completed and almost skipped the rain… Got the daily dose (once again) of heel raises and VSA legs*2. Pretty tired in the evening…

Started the day after a very long 11hours sleep. Planned a new city to discover, had a brief stop at a bike ship and found nothing-nada-rien… Really boring with the sales in July is that you never find anything until they refurnish the shop! After 20km I felt extremely bored, have had strong headwind and seriously wished to quit this ride. But what to do with the bike then? Da!! Stop for water and three sun shined so nice in me that it felt better…for a, km, because it started to rain and I totally refused to stop for putting on a tshirt. Short but heavy rain, took some km to get dry from it. Stop at km 30 for more water and decided to take a detour to get extra 12km so I would end with 50km. Nice cove as I got more sunshine then. Home, parked the bike after 50km, run for food and shower and had some light exercises for the legs. The afternoon disappeared fast and the choice I then faced was to go our not for a test run. Went eating sushi and then had a 6 km easy walk to test the heel. Felt fine, so when the clock showedmy lunch had passed since more than 2 hours, I ride to the nearest track and…started running. Felt so nice..not! The right foot felt strange and warm and my head was definitely to much focusing in it than in running. Anyway hit 16 laps with the first 14 @1:55/1:57 pace and the two last in 1:27. Should not have pushed the two lasts, but felt ok and definitely not like pressing! Ended the workout with serious stretching, core workout in the gras and time to ride back home. 6.5 km run and 6 km ride to end this 11th day since my heel stopped working. Felt fine after that. The warm feeling in the heel is definitely coming from the warmup cream with chilli extract. Will skip it next time and see how it goes. Quite tired (but good tired). Celebrated with two croque-monsieur, movie and popcorn in from of the TV (yes, I almost feel asleep there already!)

So was it. Now will rest the feet for a day and do a new test run on Friday. Hope will be fine.

One response

  1. Jaså, du kan sova. Det trodde jag inte.
    Kör lugn distans, onödigt att gå ner mot 4.30-tempo.

    August 1, 2013 at 8:51 am

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