Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

When water pouring from the skies ain’t enough…

3:00 am – time to wake up at the lovely noise of…water falling in buckets from the skies! No problem it was still early and after all my rest day was planned at the sea and not starting until later…
7:45am – must be kidding me… Still raining and more buckets! Time for a plan B… Did I have a plan B? Preparing swimming gear and started a complete core workout. VSA legs, S’s program *2 and eccentric heel raises. A bit of sweating while the rain calm down a bit.
Well at the swimming pool, got to hear the 25m pool is closed for reparation and only the 50m is opened. Not much there, have my own line during an hour 🙂  Done a pyramid: 200-300-400-500-400-300-200. All freestyle, apart from the 400s done with plaquettes and pull-buoy. Good workout  Have not swim that much since a while! Got a walk home to see how the foot felt. Quite ok.
Finished the day with more eccentric heel raises. And time for bed. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow a planning a longer bike outing.

Btw no half marathon in Malmö as the heel does not allow me to run…

One response

  1. Tydligen väldigt lokalt regn. Här kom i princip ingenting.

    July 27, 2013 at 9:45 pm

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