Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Aaaaaand more biking for the weary…

Late in bed, trouble sleeping…Something I saw? Too much sun in the head while biking? At least when my eyes eventually closed, I slept well! Pain in the heel this morning was not a great way to wake up though… Shower cold and hot on the ankle and then massage with Thai cream. Light breakfast and got ready for little shopping. Unfortunately did not find any summer stuff. We are mid-July and the fall collections are in all stores…Crazy! Found anyhow a summer dress in a sport shop. Back home got myself ready for little bike. The plan was easy pace ride of 30km. Started easy, stopped for buying new b-suit top and off I continued. Took the shortest way to where I wanted to go…through a 7% slope… Fun to do. Bike bike bike, lots of beautiful landscapes all around. Could have taken 100 pics today! Stopped after 24km for little food shopping (a donuts and Powerade blue) . I had bananas, nectarines and water already. Got little drizzling rain for five minutes and then started again.
Difficult to find the way to the sea until remembering the GPS on my mobile…got little help and off I continued. Pretty warm, although not hot. Lots of wind as well. Finally reached the seaside. My bike was behaving strangely when changing gear to 4-5-6, so I biked on gear 7 during 10km… Pretty tough on the thighs! speed by a bike store at km 47, and it appeared that a little stuff had to be tightened a little more. Almost embarrassing! Good I did not start looking for a new bike already!!! Today’s ride ended in 50km, a bit longer than planned…
Well back home, did some toe exercises for rehab the heel. Hope this will help eventually. Rewarded myself with M&M’s peanuts and some core exercises… To complete the day, watched “Pulp Fiction” eating a nice pizza 🙂

Hoping for better shape for the heel tomorrow…


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