Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

No rest for the weary…

THIRD day without running….but no rest for the wicked, right? The sun got me up (as well as the trucks emptying the rubbish…). The right heel felt much better, but still sensitive. Took a light breakfast (cereals, chocolate and soymilk) and got ready with lots of suncream before picking up my bike. Had planned to do alternative training so did a little core before leaving and jumped on my bike. Easy road on the seaside until I reached a harbour (and the end of the road). Stopped a short while (see my feet below 🙂 ) and then aimed for extra 3km to get a turn at km26 for having a 50km bike tour.

Got really boring/annoying headwind on both sides of the bike tour, which was JUST like running 😦 A great bike tour however, tried to get some accelerations despite the wind. Took some extra energy gels @km20 and 40  and drank lots of water. Well back home had a large portion of spaghettis with chicken liver, rested a bit and then on the bike again to find a nice place to put my towel and rest under the sun. Took 12km to find the spot (I think it is a bit shorter when I run, but I kind of could not find the paths I generally take…) – 1hour enjoying the sun and warmth on the skin and time to aim back home.Total: 25km… Good evening with friends visiting and now time for sleeping (as I am very tired! – no wonder after 75km biking…).

Right heel starting to make itself reminded 😦 Will continue the massage and hope for the best…

Malmö half-marathon: 17 days to go (!!!!!!!)






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