Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Heat, pain and alternate solutions

Still painful heel on Sunday morning so no other alternative than resting. Difficult to walk on the right foot except than on the top of the toes. Of course thus us not practical so I choose to spend part of the last day laying under the sun (after ensuring that all our stuff was packed to go home). Great lunch under the trees before aiming to the airport and seeing that our direct flight was canceled. Fortunately we got an alternative option via Frankfurt and an arrival home around midnight (instead of before 8 pm…). Well arrived, a bit of unpacking and pillow-time.

Up this morning with singing seagulls…and a bright sun already high despite the early time. More unpacking and then got ready for breakfast/lunch at sushi place near-by. After this, we left for a nice/sunny/long/fun bike tour of 25km. One stop for snacks after 10km and one for ice cream after 16km. Pretty fun and tough to bike under the sun. Aimed then to the naprapath for shock wave therapy. This time for the left hamstring as it feels much better, but was added to it both heels. This later part was really painful especially the outside part. But if it is helping to get better, why not. Biked back home, getting my tour up to 29km. Good workout for the day, as I cannot run for now.

More resting to do and definitely early sleep today. Hoping for nice weather tomorrow for a nice bike tour again…


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  1. Nice

    July 22, 2013 at 9:04 pm

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