Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Not every run can be a home run or “How today turned into a bad workout day”…

Up at dawn (well, actually…before dawn as it was still pretty dark when I woke up), drank a little orange juice and headed out int he dark (well, actually… under the street lights). All was set for long intervals to be run and be back home before 6:30am…

Yesterday being a rest day, we spent it in the city, visiting museum, walking in the streets, eating long lunch and enjoying the in/out of shops to benefit of their air-conditioning system… all to occupy ourselves under 30ºC hot sunshine (yes, I know… one day you complain  because it ain’t there and the day after you complain (or did I?) because it is back in full power…). Anyhow, during a walk down a hill in gardens, we went dow stairs and my right foot landed strangely, which made it feel pretty painful and aching for a short while. Thereafter no problem. Rest of the day walking went fine. In the evening, I did massage both heels and headed for my pillow.

Why on earth am I writing about this? Well, actually… this morning warm-up went pretty slow and not fully fun. Difficult to get a decent pace and I completed the 3km finely but not fully satisfactory. Ran in a street close to the woods, which was pretty spooky and dark, then passed a field on the right which was “just-dark” and when looking on the other side, noticing the field on the other side of the street having this little spooky-ghost-feeling-fog above the ground (and still could not have an acceleration on this part neither!). Stretch in the dark on the side of the road and choice of the correct music. Off I went… well, actually… not THAT fast. Took a while to get on the correct pace and by half-way it was 10/15sec/km slower than planned and expected. So pushed a bit and got the first 3km interval in 12:30, which was fine. Rest of 3minutes and choice of new music. Started pretty fast but took approx.a few 100m to start feeling a pain in the right heel (the one that hurted yesterday). As I was having a nice pace, I decided to change my running steps into more front-feet-landing-type (not that I am an expert and far from it actually!) but it felt better. The only thing is that I could only sustain the first km this way and as soon as I started to run like normal (!) the pain came back. Continue to push for a while, but decided to cut short the interval after 2km for not having a too much pain feeling in the heel. Rested a bit and the pain disappeared. But as soon as I turned back home, I thought I could jog back… well, actually…no! Too painful, so I started with powerwalk which went fine… well, actually… for a little km because it was difficult to keep up this pace as well while walking. Once again I could reflect on the fact that this was the first morning for the past 2 weeks that there was so few cars passing by (typipcal! the day I could ask for a lift…). Walked back 2.5km and enjoyed a beautiful red sunrise before showering and heading for breakfast. B-day to prepare and then heading to the city zoo for some more…walk!!!  After a couple of hours the right foot was still painful (had it under a bandage, unsure if was good or bad, but at least it helped the head!). Then time for restaurant (Chinese buffé, Yummy!) and then back home. Got my foot under cold and then warm. Then ordered new running shoes which will hopefully arrive next week (well, actually… had planned for these shoes for the past two months and now I am in deep need for new shoes, which are not there yet…). Rest for the day will hopefully help, but unsure so far. The long run tomorrow is for the moment under question. Will see how it feels tomorrow morning.

BUT as one may say, today may have turned into a bad workout day (OK, let’s face it: it TURNED into a bad workout day!), it is still for sure that not every run can be a home run. Got a good 3K and even a good 2K despite the pain. 21 days left to the next race and 10 weeks before Berlin. All training done so far has been between good and great, so no need really to focus on today’s bad workout. Rest for the foot could be the key (I am suspecting once again that the shoes are the reason for this pain and extra-sensitivity of the heel…).

Tomorrow will definitely be another day 🙂

NOTE: game of the day: How many time did you read “well, actually…” in this post? 😉

2 responses

  1. 8 well actually, 9 actually
    Varför misstänker du skorna?

    July 20, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    • Samma som när jag kom tillbaks från Spanien, och då hade jag precis samma sko kombination. Får väl vila ett par dagar och hoppas mina nya skor kommer snart och hjälper till..

      July 21, 2013 at 9:47 am

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