Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Where did the sunshine go(ooooo)…

Early-bird day.

Eyes opened @5:00am, took a few minutes to wake up and tired like “a lot” went downstairs to get ready. All almost in the dark not to wake up anyone. One foot out and the rain started to fall. Got someone’s running jacket but seeing how it started to poor down from the skies, I asked for a rain jacket instead, add not having mine. And off I left. Three lights were starting to show up shyly in the skies. Drizzling rain at most during the first km, took off the rain jacket for the next few km. Really heavy legs, not to good feeling but continued to get a few km in the legs anyway. Got cut from music at km7 as my mp3 player died in me 😦 Got a well-rounded 10K at recovery-slow-pace…
Breakfast when arriving home as well as stretch. But it continued to rain cats & dogs, so we decided to skip todays outing. Not too much fun to climb in stones and being in an outdoor museum by raining weather… Movie time them and not much done during the day. Even though it stopped training where we live, it was really wet in Lyon, so no chance for outing there today. After lunch (quiche lorraine & tarte à l’oignon, both home made 🙂 ), took some rest and then we headed to the boules place. Played boules, trained on the machines they had there and foins a mobile phone a grand-ma had forgotten when she went home with her grand children. I called the last number on the sms list (!), got her son and by luck saw her grand-son at the end of the street. So left the phone with him and we continue to play a bit before going bank home. And here she came the granny on bike. I asked if she got her phone back and actually she was coming back to thank us and giving us a box with cookies to thank us… Nice people in France, always!
Headed home and it took give minutes before it started to pour rain down in earth again. Pancakes were awaiting for us, luckily. Easy evening in perspective. Hoping that the weather will be without rain tomorrow. The heat is still here but the rain as well…

Listen to this comforting one then:

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