Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

What does “Whoooosh” in the morning?

Have turned a lot while sleeping even waking up a couple of time having dreamt I had done my morning run already…Of course as the clock had not rang I knew I had NOT run!!!

Finally 5am, silently going up and off in the roads. Met a couple of trucks picking up the rubbish, a few rabbits running in the fields but from the moment I got the first roundabout it became quiet. Only a few birds and the noise of the water spritzers… Nice to have left the mp3 at home. Headed towards the village close-by planning to turn back after 5K, coming back to the roundabout and then getting a couple of additional km this way. Changed my mind though, wishing to run to the swimming pool we used to train in when we were little. Quiet city, and sun going up, nice colours already painted in the skies. Passed the city hall and continued on a slope, which my memory could not recall. Reaching the top, I met a wall and a street towards right or left… No sign of swimming pool however 😦 Headed right towards a wood area, then nice long slope down and still no pool. So much I could not recognise. Woods there, houses here… Got to a field and saw a plane taking off ahead of me: ok, this meant the airport was in front of me and I had to get to the left of it . Tricky to read the streets names and not knowing what city you are in!!! Even thought for a while that it would not matter if I got lost: I had my phone do could be running my 15K and then call for a ride home 😉
Turned left and right and got on the original road so just had to follow it and take a nice pic of the sun going up…Waited this time when the water sprinkler made the road wet and ran back home.By this time people started to be in the road and they were driving fast! Got almost driven on twice, by cars driving faster than on motorway and too much on the bike path…
15km at easy pace and low pulse. Liiiittle ache in the heels, but ok. Hamstring felt liiiiittle better, but not normal. Arrived to a quiet still asleep home. Shower, light breakfast and work. Long morning finishing with a very nice long lunch (pizza orientale, rosé wine, chocolat liegois… Yummy!) and then back to the office to finalise everything possible before starting vacations.

Officially now in vacations. Really tired. Lots to do still, but not now…














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