Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Good day for a mini-triathlon…

Ok, sounds a bit catchy 😉 but so was my day. Start with waffles and not to early, then getting ready for a swim. Running gear on and fan-club on bikes, started our adventure of the day. 3km easy pace and talking tempo to reach the swimming pool. Well arrived, swam 2*650m free style, first one in 25m pool and second one in the 50m pool. Not really my plan, but on my last length I hit a line crossing the pool…they did not take the time to stop me and informed they would need half the pool for the jumps… So continued in the close-to-empty larger pool. A but worried for my heels/ankles as they felt/sched when turning. Anyway, after this, run to Subway for lunch. I had achieved two Subway challenges giving us free subs. Here was mine:


Subway lunch

Then started to run back home when had to trader my feet to G’s bike as E had other plans. So bike on the way home then. This was my mini-triathlon of the day!

Pretty tired after this. Rested most of the afternoon, then dinner time with couscous, green peas, carrots and chicken satay. Nice ending of the say with cosy movie.

Pouring rain outside. Won’t be trail running tomorrow! Not a chance…

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