Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Blame it on the rain…

Nice and warm day yesterday, although no run… Too many excuses and reasons (probably all bad!) made the day a “runless” one. 11pm was a bit late to start one, I figured. So when the rain woke me up @4am, there was no way I would blame it on the rain!

Shorts, tshirt and rain jacket + cap under and off I went. 4:43am…. must be my earliest run ever! Drizzling rain at first which was quite nice, temperature more than decent for the time of the day and the weather: probably 14-15ºC… First km went slow and controlled. Planned to try a 10/12km or to the hour. Light stretch after 3km and decided for the bridges. Of course it started to blow on the way up and rain slightly more. So enjoyable still. Could almost not see a thing outside of the bridge, but spooky it was not. Reached the running downhill, where the head is saying “Slow down” and the legs are going “Faster, faster”. And the water side again. The rain started to fall a bit heavierly, but still fine to run. Tried to avoid the water poles although the first one I got my foot in was at km1.5 or so… Then just enjoying and running. Turned the 6km @31+min again so decided to aim for a 12K on the hour. Of course the rain did not help on this one, starting to pouring more and more from the skies. Still got my 12K @1:00:xx. The only liiiiitle thing was that at this point there was no traffic available to get back home. So just had to get the second bridge up & down, then the water side again. The last 2km were more than fun with LOOOOTS of water poles which I deliberately run into. WARM water it was. When I looked at my thighs, I was surprised to see them nice and wet only, rather then showing signs of being cold. Got home pretty soaked but smiling. 16km in 1:19:01. So yapp, pretty happy to have gone up this morning! Stretch of the hamstrings, a short plank and in the shower (yes, you may ask why on earth jumping into the shower after having run already over an hour under the rain!?!?!?).

A few thoughts on the way to work on should I run or walk under the rain to ensure being the least wet… Got thoughts on this almost all day and finally found this little explanation on youtube:

Total wetness = wetness per second * time spent in the rain + wetness per meter * meters travelled

Any other suggestion on this one? 🙂

Lunch was dedicated to a follow-up at the naprapath and new shockwave therapy on the hamstrings (=thigh/bum muscle), as well as electro-pulse on the “Achilles heel”. Felt good afterwards and for a while. But after a few hours, back to “normal” = ache and radiating feeling. For my right knee, it might be an inflammation suggested the naprapath, but will not take anti-inflamatoric as I wish to be able to feel if the hamstrings is becoming better 😦 So might be massage of the knee instead. Will see.

Felt hungry all day long! Despite a large pasta portion at lunch as well as steady/heavy snack and then had to add some food this evening (leftover pasta bolognese 🙂 Lots of fruits as well and water. Should be fine for the body and mind.

Have completed the day with stretching and core exercises. Those latter ones have been neglected quite a lot since Dubai (same as last year!).
S’s program incl “full V” 10*10sec – excl. hover
+ Ball bridge *15
Program done twice (grouped exos per pair, done twice)
Except Vs and ball bridge- only once

Stretch leg up 30sec each

Not too much core this evening. Will be having longer workout on Saturday as it should really be part of the regular workouts. The Vs went crazily well (apart from one). Felt really the stretch in the back of the thighs…

Ball bridge+ leg straight stretch = recommended by naprapath for hamstring

And soon time for bed. Really tired!

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