Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Stockholm M day-1

Slowly but surely it is coming…

Very late in bed, had to check once more my bag, running gear, backup plan if weather turns out like last year… But eventually, eyes were closed. Opened briefly at 6 am to switch of the clock… Yes, toy read directly, I switched if the clock, not snoozed it…which I noticed 30 minutes later….so a bit if rush for morning preparations. Still time for breakfast (mini croissant, pain au chocolat & pain aux raisins + soymilk) and time to run to first early meeting. Now lots to do on the way to Stockholm. And why do I have such a huge bag? Should not be to heavy nor full…for a 3:12 (?) race…


Heavy bag

Had to plan for 2 outfit and 2 pairs of shoes. The rest, I am unsure what I packed! Anyway, I am on my way 🙂

Wonderful weather here in Stockholm when I land. 20°C and sunshine, no wind… Should be running today! Weather forecast has changed and they expect rain and sun and more rain for tomorrow…but decent temperature either way. So be it!


Weather forecast

Get to my friends through the subway, not to careful anymore about people sneezing or coughing all around. One again, am I not sick yet, well, should not be tomorrow either… A bit more work and met another friend to get to the Stadium. So much traffic in town for this Friday afternoon… The BIB pickup ain’t taking long. Short number, yellow background, swatch flag…Yippie! Feels good already!!! Quick tour at the expo and getting a bottle of water at the pasta party. Then we aim to a place to eat. More talking. Ate grilled chicken and double portion of jasmin rice +raw juice of carrots, tomatoes, apple, orange and surely something else. Fruity and nice! Headache since I arrive and despite having taken painkiller. No fun! 😦 I might have been drinking on the “least to drink”- side today maybe. Time to head home. Final check and talk about the route and possible tactics for tomorrow.
After short chat with my friends, I quickly change to a last evening run. Maybe not to smart, but honestly 1) the legs need it, 2) the head needs it and 3) I need some air… Running along the water, easy pace, took a part of the route of the race and reached the terrible and feared bridge. Will see how it looks tomorrow, but this evening under the sunset, it looks magnificent… 5.5km, no pressure. Just the road, the sun, the wind and my thoughts.



Start soon to come


Magical landscape


Marathon route


THE bridge...


Lost but nice things to see around..


Subway to the rescue!

Got a bit tricky too get back home and NOT running back home, but could be managed. Later chat with my friends before sleeping, getting my gear ready, final check at the route and time for bed really. Tomorrow is another day…

Stockholm… Less than a day to the start!

One response

  1. marie-thé

    bravo 3,10 et non 3,12

    June 1, 2013 at 3:19 pm

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