Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Why the wait when you are so ready?

The final 6 days have arrived. The countdown started a while ago, but now it is for real (sure! before it was just a fantasy-like countdown!)

Day of rest – once again, ants in the legs, difficult not to jump into the gear for a shooooort short run under the sun. So spent a while listening to music at the attraction parc and afternoon teas close to the sea: result for today: red chicks and fronthead šŸ˜¦ ANd not even while running! Now it is evening and the rain has reached the city (again!).

Form is fine, mind in its bubble. Let thoseĀ 5 days separating us to the race disappearĀ fast. And let the weather Gods decide once for all to have some sun and nice/decent temperatures!

Stockholm: 6 days to go…

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