Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Rainy day = Happy birthday?

And so arrive the most important day of the year (still not understanding why it is not a bank holiday!).

Up with the ‘#?!##?%& birds @4am (yes, you read correctly!), the first thoughts were to jump into my gear for a run. Cool in the air due to the night rain, still 13ºC it felt perfect. The only thing was that in my birthday plans I had a lunchrun booked with colleagues and 2 runs with so short time in-between would not feel great in the last two weeks of tapering for Stockholm marathon. So I skept the run and did some reading. Breakfast in close café with a friend then getting ready for lunch run. This wa actually the only way to “force” myself to an easy tempo for today (one of my colleagues had said he had problem with one knee). Difficult to choose the gear as running alone I would have gone with shorts and singlet, despite the risk of rain. It felt so warm and heavy in the air. Chose instead the tshirt from SdP 2013 and short shorts. Took my windbreaker just in case (and mostly to have place for mobile, key, mp3, tram card!). By the time I reached the ferry, I was so warm that I took off the windbreaker and regret to have no singlet on instead of the tshirt. Anyway, easy run at talk tempo it became. Medium to half-strong headwind all the time almost (even though we run in a circle!). Really nice company – ended back home in 8.55km – 4:56min/km. OK, a little faster than planned, but was anyway talk tempo. Would have probably stopped and walked around km6 but having company around push a bit for not stopping, right?. After that, back home, shower and direction massage. Which I thought would be nice (although the front of both thighs was aching a bit since saturday’s race). Well, no. Far from enjoyable as it can be! M could find more painful spots than I could imagine really:

– side of the chest (both side)
– shoulder (mild)
– middle of the back
– back of the thigh
– gluteus medius (?) – new one for me!
– back of the calves (most painful)
– side of the thighs
– front of the thighs (which actually were not the most painful place!)

Listing all here not for fun, only to remember that when running it is not just the legs which are working! And this should NOT be forgotten (well, the body will be kind enough to remind itself to you!)
Easy rest of the afternoon with “try-for-shopping-something-which -is-not-running-related” (failed dramatically!) and then slept in front of the tv when  GT came back home. Ended the day with Greek restaurant (delicious as usual, although the stomach felt it was a bit too late fro eating).

Now the eyes are pretty ready to close themselves. So yes, once again: night night!

Stockholm marathon: 10 days left…

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