Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Göteborgsvarvet HM-Day-1

17 hours to go before start when writing this post. The day started pretty early, necessary for a pancakes-breakfast on a weekday! Long day at work, with loooots to do, loooooots of running between meetings and not enough time to even realize that the day was already finished.

Received my club outfit in size “S”: white singlet. Even tougher on my nice tanned skin 🙂 Hope it will keep this way for tomorrow. As soon as arrived home, strip all the business clothes and on with running gear (well, this is the minimum clothing anyway due to the weatehr outside: +27ºC when I started to run!). Easy pace, dropped football shorts to E, chat a bit on footballs plan and then went on with my run. Good with sunglasses and the couple of glass of water just before the run. Nice wind in the face (yes! it can be nice with headwind from time to time!) when running along the docks. Then after 5K, done 5*100m accelerations with 50m easy jogg in-between. Asch! not fancy run, but nnice to get out and feel the body. Pretty heavy and tired afetr a full day at work with high heels, but mind feels fine.

Ate dinner (pasta with poached eggs and cereals with chocolate&oatmilk). A bit heavy, but was hungry! Now time for rest (I guess).

GV.. less than 17 hours to go!

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