Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Göteborgsvarvet HM-Day-2

Rest day today, so time for thoughts…

A bit of history here… Had always found ridiculous (!) the numerous people running this race and every year coming back to suffer 21.1km once again. Every year the sun is ready to shine (more or less) and this is for the past 13 years (at least) the guaranteed sunny day of the month of May (and I know it well as my birthday is in May and most of the years it has been a rainy birthday in Sweden…). Anyway, decided (!) to try this race once. Missed the race 5 years ago as my registration did not go through the process and became without place. The year after the registration went fine BUT I sprained my right knee while testing Ju-jutsu in December and it definitely did not give the possibility to do any training. But the recommendation received from the orthopedist was to run so to build up muscle to stabilize the knee… what better than training for a half-marathon then?!?!? Had 4 weeks (instead of my well-planned program of 12 weeks training!) to get in shape for the race… Took the last four weeks of the program and completed the hottest race so far (due to the heavy sun and very high temperatures this year!) in 2:04:26. After that ran a 10K in august same year but registered still for next year half-marathon. This time better prepared and completed in 1:49:56. 1,5month later I started to train for my first marathon (Budapest) and of course had registered for the next year edition of the race. In November same year I notice a half-marathon in Paris and with its flat profile, I took the chance for another half-marathon (1,5month after Dubai marathon…). And then it was time for the 3rd edition of Göteborgsvarvet (one month after London marathon 2012…) and ended in 1:36:41. Which was a great achievement in my eyes 🙂 Time which was crushed in Paris this year in 1:30:04…

This year is as well a little special as I am participating to the Swedish Championship (SC) for half-marathon (in Gothenburg) and will also do this for marathon (in Stockholm). Feels extra cool and fun and exciting to have this in mind. Representing the nice club “Majornas IK” (or MIK), I received my club outfit this week. Extra fun to run with it! This means as well starting in the Elite group, which makes it a bit tickling in the stomach to share the starting blocks with such fast people all around (well, I did the qualification times for the SC and probably is the slowest of the group, but will be pretty cool to be there 🙂 Especially as the weather – which was so far REALLY DULL! – is planned to be sunny, warm and perfect for running… Read the rules of the Swedish Championship and what amused GET the most was that there are random doping test (which for them sounded pretty cool to do!), no possibility for pacing a women elite in the SC (otherwise will be disqualified) and have to run in the club outfit.

Picked up my BIB this evening with GET. Got finally a 3-digits number 🙂 The guy giving me my envelop just noticed with a smile “Wow, this number sounds like a fast one!”. Went through the Adidas store, not finding anything (was hoping for a similar Supernova short as Bostons). Then got my goodiebag and then spent a while in the exhibition. Got new tshirts to run in, bought some gels for probably the rest of the year (!) and had the time to chat with our club director. My outfit is actually liiiiittle too big, so asked for smaller. Had to order it specially and should receive it tomorrow. This one is white. Hope will have time to have a short run in it tomorrow evening (I know- I should not run in new outfit. but have really no choice for this one!).

Pretty tired now, has been a long and really sunny day.

GV: 2 days to go…


Box for fast numbers 🙂


Pick up area


Welcome banner




Arrival in the arena


The blue line is here!!

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