Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

90+10 = 100?

Started the day early and ended late – therefore this post entered the day after…

Up and ready for my bike tour, I left quite happy (after lots of suncream all over the body, just in case). Despite lots of indications when I rented the bike, I followed and followed and followed the bike signs towards the University of Alicante without finding it. After short 4km (?) my saddle fell (!). Yes, the  bike was too small and I raised the saddle, to the maximum…well a bit too much to the max. I had a choice to make: shall I turn back to the rental and change the bike to a taller one or should I continue with this one. As the rental was opening at 10am, I did not want to turn back and face a closed door and even worse to have to come back to here as it was a pain to find indication for the road! After 11km I was still in town and ready to aim towards the other side of the catsle (i.e. the completely other direction!). Stopped a guy on a bike and asked for direction to reach Agost. “muy lejos, muy lejos, chica…Yo trabajo allí…” enough of my Spanigh told me it was 1) very far from where I was (I knew it, the rental guy checked and it was ca.28km one way) and 2) this is were Manuel was working and he would returned there shortly. “no importa, Agost con la bicicletta” – yes my Spanish IS very rusty!. But I got the instructions and started to ride again. And ride, and ride and ride. Got into an industrial area and seriously planned to turn back, really mad at this rental guy and his instructions (and no I did not have a detailed map!). Found a Decathlon and asked for directions – only one nice guy could talk inglés, the only tricky part was he was from North of Spain and did not know the area… Anyway, got myself on a bike route and get along… until I really thought I had it all wrong and planned to turn when TADAAAAAAM! Here was the sign of Agost. No km indicated, but who cared really!

Sign indicating Agost... FINALLY

Sign indicating Agost… FINALLY

So when I finally reach the roundabout reading Agost but forbidden to bike… I say “no way” (read with quiet voice: “so I took the path anyway”) and reach the “CV” road and it was after a couple of km that I breath again as I saw ONE bike on the other side (“Holá”!).

OK, new trial... where should I go?

OK, new trial… where should I go?

Very beautiful landscape all around me, few cars (but driving VERY fast), enjoying the sun and off with the singlet in cotton which was way not adapted for the bike ride. And after 2km after this sign, I stopped for a pic and who do I meet… MANUEL! he was very surprised to meet me there again and was on his way (still on bike) to his work! Said goodbye and continued my discovery tour.

On the way to Agost...

On the way to Agost…

Still on the way to Agost

Still on the way to Agost

And finally: reaching Agost (Took a pic for being sure I’ve been there for real!)



Yes, I made it!

Yes, I made it!

Took a bit of visit in Agost, and finally settled in the natural parc of the village for my lunch break (45minutes after having biked for 29km). Enjoyed home-made sallad with couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, aspargus and tuna fish, followed by nectarines and apple. AND water! After  a few pic and lots of suncream (again), started to ride my bike.

The mountain (hill) which was so close at a moment is now behind me...

The mountain (hill) which was so close at a moment is now behind me…

Lunch pause in the middle of a natural parc @ Agost

Lunch pause in the middle of a natural parc @ Agost

Choice: back home or slightly more to Novelda...

Choice: back home or slightly more to Novelda…

Bye bye Agost!

Bye bye Agost!

Had now to choose: BAck home via San Vicente Del Raspeig (which was the orignal plan) OR make a detour via Novelda (which was suggested by the reantal guy)…What are 12km really when you have already biked 30?!?!? Continued then my bike tour to Novelda, then to Aspe and Elx (which was the second choice to do: Back to Agost, with ALL the uphills I had as downhill to Novelda OR turning to Aspe without knowing how long it was or if it was difficult road – but surely there was a way to get back to Alicante this way, right?)

New choice: back home or little longer...

New choice: back home or little longer…

Nice to turn back and see where I was coming from...

Nice to turn back and see where I was coming from…

Little bike problem on the slope up to the National road...

Little bike problem on the slope up to the National road…

A bit sad not to be able to take the motorway though as it was REALLY nice (and fast). Then the whole trip was sunny and hot and definitely with lack of water or any other type of food after eating my banana on a fast downhill. Yes I do think that most of the roads I took where OK for bikes (I did say that earlier). Good anyway to see on the other side of the road people (only very few) biking as well! By km74 the brain was in DEEP need for energy or whatever really. I had planned to make a stop @km60 for resting and food, but there was nothing then, and after that I just wanted to get home. So stopped at a gazoline station, got a super Twix, Gatorade blue and 1.5l of water. The Twix disappeared faster than you need to say it, the Gatorade effect came pretty quick and HOP LA! Fit for fight again… Well no, the bike was too small, my bum was hurting, the position needed on the back was making my lower back a bit aching, so the fastest home the better. Never been happier than when I saw the castle of Alicante and the sign of “entering into Alicante”. Back home, directly shower and LOOOOOOTS of cream on my poor back which had been getting the sun ALL day long. And despite of the sun cream was aiming towards a tomato-red-on-nice-brown-skin-colour-like!

Rested a bit, and then went out for a short run… The sun was STILL on my back (don’t know what I did to him!!!) and then it was not anymore… probably because I lost my way and was really far from where I was supposed to. SO all in all after a few turns (more or less lycky!) I saw the castle again and then it was just going back home, and more showering and more creaming!

Summary of the day: 90km on bike and 10km easy run. Not bad for a rest day, don’t you think?

and still the countryside

and still the countryside

One response

  1. En trebarnsmor från Göteborg ute och cyklar ensam i Spanien. Ja jisses 🙂
    Du vidgar min horisont.
    90+10=40 ungefär
    Intressant panorama med elledning/telefonledning.
    Ser torrt ut överallt. Hur ska det då inte se ut i juni/juli/aug.
    En mara i Barcelona kan jag tänka mig men aldrig att cykla 90 km i solen i Spanien.

    May 10, 2013 at 7:50 am

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