Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Why 3 when you can do 10?

Nice little street on the way to...the top

Nice little street on the way to…the top

A bit troubled night, woke up due to sms-pling again (I really have to switch off this sound), and then impossible to fall asleep correctly again. So on and off it was until I went up and got ready for interval-workout.
The plan was easy: warmup at easy pace and if any ache or pain, then continue to 12km as similar pace and skip the intervals. Warmup (3.4km) went fine. Headed at a moment towards the Olympic stadium, but doubted they would let me in for my intervals…so I continued and found a portion of pavement estimated at 600m. Nice running with the traffic jam of the morning traffic at less than 1m from me… Brrrrrreathe the fresh air 😦

Anyway, started the first interval and unfortunately was short of 200m at the next traffic light so had to turn sharply and up to the next street. Light jogg and time for the next one. By interval 3, I was thinking of calling it the day but continued a fourth one. Then tried to find another place to run to have more straight line. Got interval 4 on a pavement probably 50cm large, interval 5 on a bike road and then car street. Interval 6 was great, including a turn. Interval 7 felt a bit thirsty but I had reach the harbour line. Interval 8 was just great (almost as 6). Then 9 and 10 were just…there. I stopped after no 10 as it started to feel a light ache in the back side of the left thigh. Nothing worrying, just decided not to push more. Planned was 10-12*600 @2:10/2:05. Not even close to the range planned. Got then between 2:14-2:22. Which I am fully satisfied with. And then ended with an easy run back home. Turned into a good workout of 11.5km.

I thought afterwards about the article in RW (US edition-pre-Boston) where they are talking about the ultimate and appropriate time of the day for which workout. IU have done most of my workouts in the morning, but several were squizzed at lunch or in the evening. Morning intervals have been either good or really good so far. In today’s case, I could have waited until this evening for the run. Although due to the temperatures, it would have meant a quite late training. On the top of that, not good sleep, maybe not enough eating before/day before and lack of water during the run… Add all this and you will get my interval workout of today!

Rest of the day resting on the beach. By 6pm, aimed to the castle and started…to climb. Really great views – best I have ever seen I believe. By 8pm I was down to the bike shop and now I have a nice white bike sleeping in my room which I will take for a ride tomorrow!

Food is ready for tomorrow, clothes are waiting nicely/quietly close to the TV, just time to rest now!

Starting point to the top

Starting point to the top

Castle from the start

Castle from the start

Yes, 20%!

Yes, 20%!

Told you: 20%...

Told you: 20%…

Aaaaand still 20%

Aaaaand still 20%

La Muralla (way down if not using the "20%-way")

La Muralla (way down if not using the “20%-way”)

Made it to the top!!!

Made it to the top!!!

La muralla (which I took on the way down!)

La muralla (which I took on the way down!)

Final view of the castle

Final view of the castle


Half-way to the top...

Half-way to the top…

3 responses

  1. Panoramabilderna är imponerande. Letar efter fogar mellan bilderna men kan inte hitta några.
    Ja du jobbar på bra. Undrar hur många turister som är lika aktiva? 1

    May 7, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    • Tack! Vanligtvis tar jag två panoramabilder, och en är alltid nästan perfekt 🙂 den andra är precis lite under den andras kvalitet 😉

      Och visst är jag aktiv!!! trots hela solandet!

      May 8, 2013 at 5:19 pm

      • En fransk kenyan 🙂
        Jag gissar att fransyska på franska heter francienne. Rätt?

        May 8, 2013 at 5:22 pm

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