Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Tuesday run = definitely a lot of fun!

Not to late in bed, slept directly, up at 10pm due to the sms pling šŸ˜¦ and impossible to fall asleep again. Turned in the bed probably for some hours until decided to go up and do some reading, emailing, little training…By 2am, finally asleep again…until a new sms pling (seriously?!?). Then deep asleep until 4:50am, time to go up.
Gear on, music on, left for thus early run. Heavy feet at first, ache in the thigh/bum, but nice feeling after a few km. Stop by at half-way for water break and then back home….how come that there were so many hills in the wary home when there were no downhill the other way around??? Anyhow, push in the downhills to get some speed and push in the uphill to… Well, because I find it fun šŸ™‚ Stretch, toe eccentric exercises, plank, and up the stairs running : good way to complete this early morning run: 10km in 46:38. Considering the hills in the run, pretty satisfied! Now time to get ready to work!

Hope for the best, expect the worst…what will the weather his offer us today?


Bridge already awaken


Funny man statue in the morning light


Sign that spring is soon coming?


Morning landscape


Ooops! Wall painting


Up the first hill

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