Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Always try the small one…

Too tired for writing a word yesterday…So no posting here. The day actually started really well with an early run (5:30am…) with already nice light in the skies, birds singing and freshness from the night still in the air. One more recovery run, with some parts a bit faster than planned, but SOOOOOO great feeling. 10.35km @5.13min/km. Not too bad – focused on low pulse and it seemed to work (despite the early hour). Followed this wonderful run, a wonderful day at work, starting with a great meeting, then another one, then one informative one helping on solving a question I have had for over a week and continued the day the same way. What did I say? Great day!

Today – Saturday, no real plan for running early, but when the eyes opens at 5am, what do you do? Throw your nearest shoes to the birds who dared singing at this indecent hour?!?!? no, you start texting, reading new posts on running forum, do some light workouts… Yes, you fill in the time. By 10am all were ready for GE training and I followed for a last recovery run (actually tomorrow should be the last one, with a slow long run). Took the start of the Half marathon I will run in less than a month, turned back after the first bridge and back to the start: 51km in 54:15. Really good feeling, not at all like fast running – qualified it as “easy run” despite the pace. Still have issues with my HR which appears completely spooky – but no worries this is the band not me! A bit of sensitivity in the shinbone during the run, but nothing afterwards. Rest of the day standing while coaching the boys football team UNDER THE RAIN (what would you do for the ones you love, right?!?!?). and easy for the rest of the day. Now finishing a chill out evening in front of the TV. Nice 🙂

A bit of concern: left knee was feeling a bit weak during the afternoon. As usual, difficult to specify really how it felt, but not pleasant it was. Rest for tomorrow? will see. Easy? definitely!

Now rest it is!

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