Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Tuesdays run = lots of fun?

So it was set, we would meet with some colleagues for a lunch run today. Actually this was the only moment of the day I was looking forward to get some energy… Unfortunately I got a “lonesome runner run” once more. But what a run… Started first km at 4:17… Unsure my watch was working actually! Then the following km followed with a fast pace but strangely no effort feeling. The strong headwind was not helping either!
Decided to do a little experimentation: 1/2/3/4, with stop, light stretch and light wall in-between until the HR is back to rest level. Pretty fun actually. Takes ca.100-120 seconds to get back to”normal” (like 115-130bpm). Note that I did not take that like intervals, nor progressive intensity whatsoever. ANYHOW, sun shining, wind, a few slope and a lot of fun ended in 10K in 43:30 with the last km in magical 3:55 (despite the heavy headwind and a few necessary turns) . Back to the office with lots of colours on the face and starving! Got a banana and protein drink right after the run so I could jump into my first afternoon meeting. After that, worked a bit, before nice coffee break in nice company. But still starving for the rest of the afternoon!

So Tuesday was a real bless regarding running (and yes, I do know that it was way too fast for a recovery run one week after Boston marathon, but the legs and mind decided over me…really!)

Late to bed now, still starving despite having eaten really much this evening… Rest tomorrow it is!

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