Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Recovery day 3…

And so it was Thursday… It feels that day has been passing by without being noticed. In bed by 7pm, probably sleeping by 7:02pm (!), my eyes woke up at 4:30am, my ears hearing the dancing sound of… the rain on the roof (Yaaa, welcome home!). Body feeling fine. A bit aching at first but as soon as food and shower are taken, much better. Well at least for the thighs and the arms. The calves are painfully reminding the run of Monday. No need to take any painkiller as it would not work. Better going through it and understanding that for next hilly race, a THOROUGH preparation with hills should be done šŸ™‚

Work all day, and then aimed for a short run w/E running by my side. His pace. Cool. My pace was 6:01min/km (yes, you read correctly!). Had my compression socks (if not helping for real, at least the placebo effect was there for my calves and my brain!), long tights (no kidding! I thought I had only short shorts left after a week in the US!) and of course a raining jacket. Drizzling rain falling – so nice. E was running without any problem when I kept for myself the pain in the calves, keeping smiling and talking. The most difficult part was when E stopped running and turned to me (who had continue RUNNING) telling me “Look! I am POWERWALKING”! and indeed, HE WAS!!! Yes, beside me who was RUNNING… I wonder where he got those genes from šŸ˜‰ A bit of stretching, lots of laughing and then headed home again. 5km in 30minutes – best company ever! Finished with buying sweets for the silver coin I had in my pocket. HOT shower on hurting calves (I KNOW! it should be cold, but seriously.. it was raining outside!).

Now finished answering all the outstanding emails (almost), prepared for tomorrow’s heavy meeting day (Yes, it was easy day tomorrow until 2pm this afternoon, where it became pretty busy!). Time for bed. Not too tired, but should really get some sleep to get to the CET-zone…

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