Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Recovery days 1&2…

(Not that) long night’s sleep but deep. Up around 4 am, checking sms & emails from closest ones and less close ones. Ask asking about the terrible happening on the finish line of the Boston marathon in Monday. Feeling ache in the body and the mind nit registering really what has happened. The race, yes. The ache and soreness are there to remind the wonderful race, but the rest…

7 am – up & getting ready. Then breakfast time. Canceling my work arrangement and tried to change my flights home.

9:30 am – deciding for a tour to Harvard with my roommates, so throwing everything in my suitcase and checking out. Taking the “T” to Harvard. Body is fine, got bring in after-race day. Quite ok to climb up or down the stairs, but far from being able to run up & down the same stairs… Drinking chocolate milk and water, walking a bit. Time is short so leaving my roommates at Harvard for the campus tour and aimed back to the hotel.




Feeling quite bored actually, empty. Getting an old-fashioned didn’t at Dunkin Donuts, and throw half if out. Not good at all. Been there, done that, got the donut! Not good.



Find some presents for the small ones and go for a walk towards the square where we took the busses yesterday. What a different sight! Sun shining, warm, no runners’queue… Meeting a strange man while I walk down who tells me to sing until the end if three path along the park as it brings happiness and I can make a wish at the end 🙂  Stopped by a cool older black man on a bench asking me to leave whoever I am with to stay here in Boston with me 😉




Then stupidly my steps bring me to the street of the finish line. What a sight… Nothing from what I remember after the race. It was then full of runners with their warming cover, busses to get back the belongings that had been left before departure at the Athletes Village earlier the same day, joy, tears, happiness…without talking about the crowd in the other side of the fences, awaiting for the people they knew just crossed the line… This morning it is empty, sad, dirty, blocked and grey… Too much for one to get in, get to the hotel as fast as my aching body brings me and get to the “T” to the airport.



Getting a new ticket and time to go home. Stopping by Seafood restaurant and get a clam shouder (special from New England), a roll with shrimps and brandish and water. The stomach ain’t happy to get that but it is necessary to fill in the energy.
Waiting at the gate and meeting E, who is getting back home as well, sitting 2 rows behind me 🙂 Getting my stuff to my place, looks it will be quite empty flight. Talked to the seat-mates behind me as they also are from Sweden. Cool to finally meet “Snabba fötter” who did a pretty nice time at the race. Now all set and I sleep before even the take off.
Drinks, food, movies, sleep…the usual of a long flight. Lower back is painful, until I take of my belt. Still aching, but much less.

Arrived home under a shining sun. a bit of rest, unpacking, food, massage (OUCH on the legs but rest of the body “OK”), lots of laundry to do, and then working a bit to catch up. Then time for bed @7pm and there was two days gone already.


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