Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Tapering & carbo load!

No post yesterday. Long day at work, wonderful (super hot!) weather outside, and ended late at the hotel. Still wanted to go for a run, aiming for 10K easy. Did not work that well. 5K @5:07/km, to be qualified “the most boring evening run EVER”! Ran in the dark for some part of the route, then around the hotel on the parking and up and down and up again and so on. No feeling, boring, boring, boring! Bedtime really late on the top of that AND that it was th first day of carb depletion. As usual really boring day where to eat little or no carb. I might try to skip it before the next marathon and see if any effect…

Today woke up in the middle of the night and then slept again. Up @5:30am (well awaken!) and by 5:58am was in the lobby to run with C. To my surprise, it had been raining ALL night apparently. Lots of water pool, humidity to the roof, but temperature already high (22/24ºC!). We ran side by side, slightly different route than the day before, but with company it made the run more fun. Ended with a few strides (ca.70/100m) and then a little cool down. 6.30km @ 4:40/km. Yes, faster than planned but really good feeling. Breakfast with three eggs and bacon + soy milk.

Day at work went smoothly, the mind is really starting to wander around and getting itself to the soon-to-be-run race. Carbo loading started from lunch with a large plate of linguini with chicken and marinara sauce + orange juice. Bananas and apple during the day as well. Three pancakes with honey as morning snack 🙂 Right knee is feeling a bit aching. Maybe due to the high heels treatment of the week! So as soon as arrived at the hotel, off with them and changed to swimming suit. Unfortunately found the pool full with people so skipped it this evening and did the 7min core variations program. Now I am really tired, have to pack my bag so tomorrow I can go to the pool, have a light breakfast and then aim to the airport.

Sleepy sleepy!

Boston, Here I come!

NOTE: thigh/bum muscle better today. Still patching with Salonpas. Did some light stretching especially after this morning run. But still aching a bit…

2 responses

  1. Welcome to Boston!

    April 13, 2013 at 3:09 am

  2. Go on – have a blast in Boston, enjoy the race, scenery, history and have fun 🙂 Good luck hope knee holds up

    April 13, 2013 at 6:40 pm

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