Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Paris HM Day-1 real!

Ok, today was planned for rest. I always haven my rest day two days before race, but now it feels it will change. Having run yesterday was great. Make the body starting to realise the end is soon (figure of speech here!). Skipping the morning jogg (despite early wake up at… 5:20am without clock – you were just so right, J!) mainly because it is cold and do not wish to catch something. Would it be a regular training day, -2C would not stop me at all!!! Opened the window to get my orange juice I left there yesterday (I have no fridge in my room, so am using the natural cold from outside 🙂 ) and felt the nice and fresh air on my face. Hmmmm, nice but cold. Took a large glass of orange juice, min iron and allergy tablet and a banana. Now reading in my bed until it is time for breakfast!

Thoughts are not that many in my head. Feels like a regular long run will be done tomorrow … only that I am not at home, will run slightly (!) faster than I generally do my long runs AND not to forget that 39,999 enthusiast runners will join for “my” Sunday long run. 🙂 Cool, right? Now I cannot skip thinking of the pace. If all goes right and as “planned” (of rightly said ” trained”), 1:35 should be fine to reach. Although in Dubai it was probably 10C warmer than here… but in the other side, I had been not to well the days before. But under 1:35 is definitely the aim, once again all under 1:34 is just a bonus! Why writing this down here? Starting the bets? Not directly. I gave read about elite runners writing much about their hard training for their super tough goals, although most of the time (!) the objective is not reached at the end. Yes they do run pretty fast but not as they expected. Ok, so not that I compare myself to those runners (far from my thus idea!) but I thought that by writing down what one bus having for objective makes it more real. So independently of what happened tomorrow, my goal ain’t changed since last year: beat this 1:35 line! I trained hard last year to get this at the SdP but a terrible fever took me the days before the race and even though I participated (as I was little better and fever-free), my time ended at 1:40 on this route pretty flat. So yes it became a new PB, but far from what I had prepared myself for. Now one year has gone, lots of races have been run and training has been really different. Will see tomorrow what fruits it will bring!







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  1. I have another time in my head 😉

    March 2, 2013 at 8:52 pm

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