Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Paris HM Day-1 (cont’.)

And so it was dark (and freezing cold) again. Quick post before bedtime.
Spent easy day with pickup of race number with J, metro to La Defense and rest of the day with my sis. A bit of shopping at Decathlon (love the store!) only finding 5 pairs of running socks and a backpack as forgot mine at home. Then lunch at 1:30pm at Japanese restaurant: Yummy! Eat everything you want for 11€! See below all the good stuff I found. And rice it was. Took as well bread during the day. I generally do no “loading” before other races than marathon, so here no exception although I checked a bit for not over-eating.
Slept 1.5 hr in the afternoon and then it was time for aiming back to the hotel again. Final food shopping of the evening (bananas, water, pain au chocolat et chausson aux pommes). Good breakfast in perspective 🙂
Ending the day with dinner at Italian restaurant (green tea for me… + a little coffee cookie and little bread). A banana of course before that 🙂

Now time for resting if possible as quite cold in the room…
SdP : LESS than one day to go….






This I did not eat! But it looks so nice!


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