Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Who else eats intervals for breakfast?

You may recognize the “stolen” title from an earlier post 🙂

So it was. Gear ready from yesterday, quietly waiting for their morning outing. Double layer once more (when will this cold weather EVER finish?), on with “October 2012” and so it went. Easy warmup of 3km, waiting until HR came down to <120 and having the correct music in the ears. Fours intervals – 2km – pace planned @4:10-4:05 with 2min rest. As usual the first interval felt dreadful. Ended with pace 4.21/km and the mind full of “what-am-I-doing-here-anyway-with-this-feeling-that-I-will-never-finish-3-more-like-that”! 2minutes rest later and off I run, sorry, I flew! Felt so light and motivated. Gone was the first interval, here was the interval to be 🙂 With a pace of 4:14/km, I felt really satisfied and not even tired! Walked a bit during the 2min rest and started the 3rd interval. This time it felt good but not as good as the 2nd one. Flying was definitively not on the list! But strangely it ended slightly faster @4:13/km. Took 2.30min rest after that as I had to set my bonnet a bit better and my music in my ear was not what I wanted for the final 2K. This one was great. Ended @4:07/km. Mindset was on the top (you know where the roof of the house is? well, my mindset was above this!). Crazy enough to listen my inner thought saying “if you think you may fix a half-marathon at a pace of 4:17/km, you can well run at a faster pace than that this last miserably short 2K, right?”… So powerful it is to have those motivations in the head (or it is just that I am loosing it and not noticing it yet!). Finished the interval a bit tired, but once again felt I could give a bit more. Three days before SdP? No thanks, I won’t push it! Ended the run with an easy 2km (@4:47…).

Any how, the result of today’s workout: 3km warmup, 4*2K intervals (pace: 4:21, 4:14, 4:13, 4.07) and 2km cool down. Quick stretching, hover 2minutes (w/ frog legs during first minutes and 10*each leg pull up during the second minute). Nice with a hot shower and protein drink+banana after that! Then off to work and arriving among the first at the office! Good start for the day 🙂

Now it is evening. Today’s lunch was a large sallad with extra quinoa and bulgur, lots of veggies and tunafish, shrimps and crayfish tails + japanes tea. Banana as morning and afternoon snack + extra apple in late afternoon. Well back home, was STARVING so three oven-baked toast with ham and non-lactose cheese + a glass of oat-milk + chocolate. So now only left is to put everything in my suitcase and go to bed. Early start to fly at 10am… Yippie! Sunday is soon there!

SdP…3 days to go!!!

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