Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Will the mystery of the painful foot be ever solved?

Early wake up, dark circles under the eyes and rinkles which would have scared the bravest! No worries, I have my throat cover and my bonnet when I ran so not much could be seen (on the top of running when it is still dark!).

Early up? Cold outside!

Early up? Cold outside!

Surprisingly fit, I jumped into my well-prepared gear (actually while preparing them late yesterday evening I thought for a second that it would be an idea to have them on and sleep with them so I could have an extra sleep of 10 minutes this morning!!!!) and ready to run… I noticed my watch had no battery left. 10 minutes of charging (perfect for folding the clothes left from the evening before) and THEN ready to run. While getting dressed I put on my Moremiles socks which I really like, but felt a pressure on the left foot. OK, I thought the foot ain’t that good this morning. But #light bulb# I took off my socks and put on the ones I bought in Decathlon last year (quite thin but works fine even with cold weather)… Believe it or not, the pressure disappeared! Shoes on and tied up not too tight (especially the left one). Let’s go!

Not too chilly outside, it was dark though. “Killing the snow” in the ears and off I went. What a nice feeling from the beginning. Juuuuuust enjoying. First km passed a bit slow but who cares, the guy from L&S said to jog this week to preserve the foot. Run run run, passing the baking factory (unfortunately they had not started the baking of bread…which always make me soooo hungry!), 5km already, Wow, good shape. Turning into the small tunnel and right back home, passing by the lady with two “blinking” dogs (looked quite spooky as I saw her as well as the dogslead but could not see any dog in the shadow where they were, only two pairs of eyes and a blinking “thing” hanging in the air (their collar was blinking red 🙂 ) and continue on the little upwards slope – this one is sooooo little but when you are tired you can feel it goes up! Passing the km7, Ooops, almost hitting a bus, nothing that a smile cannot solve though (Oooops again, forgot that no one see my smiles as I have this cover on my mouth… At least my eyes are smiling (even though this morning they would have scared a zombie!). Aaaaaand Stop at the red light (stupid scooter driving sooooo slow in the curve and of course not stopping when I arrived, OK he had green light, but could have act as a gentleman for someone actually freezing her butt out there and trying to get back home not too late!). Up and running in the last straight line, following a bike (or probably scaring the lady on the bike as I noticed she accelerated quite distinctly after a short while having me in her back…). Aaaaaand 10K to finish. Great. good breathing, good feeling, no pain (well, still feeling something in the bum/thigh muscle which I chose to ignore now and a little on the left foot top). Fast hot shower, some quick energy (Gainomax and banana) and off I went (yes still running, but this time with my high heels boots and skirt costume!)

Arrived 10 minutes early for my massage (who is crazy enough to run at 5:00am is crazy enough to get a massage at 7:30am, right?). So nice to just enjoy (more likely “sleep”!). a bit tensed in the middle of the back and on both sides of the bum muscles. Nothing that cannot be fixed. Ready after an hour, in with working gear again 😉 fixing my hair and running to the bus to finally reach the office when most arrive anyway!

Lunch with mix sallad (quinoa, bulgur, sallad, everything possible you can put on a sallad, tunafish, shrimps and crayfish tails) => one word: YUMMIE! with a nice warm bread bun. Really checking out that no dairy product is going through my mouth. Banana for snack in the morning and loads of tea during the day. Well back home this evening was kind of starving so in with 2 oven-toasted bread with ham and lactose-free chees as well as oven toaste bread slice with nutella and banana 🙂 Still hungry after that so a bowl of cereals with oatmilk and chocolate. After that, really satisfied (but strangely not feeling too full). Lots of work to do and now time to rest. Core exercises will wait for tomorrow morning. Beauty sleep will never have been used as well as for my case!

Youhou! Semi de Paris. 5 days to go – expected weather: sunny and up to 9ºC. Already planning to have my shorts on, what do you think?

On the way back home... wish i could swim there and then!

On the way back home… wish i could swim there and then!


2 responses

  1. Depends on the wind I would say. No wind go for shorts. Couldn’t you have taken a photo of your face this morning 🙂

    February 27, 2013 at 9:01 am

    • Wind it will be, but I would have had shorts (or 3/4 shorts) anyway. Although now it is like 2-4ºC when we’ll run… so still unsure.

      February 28, 2013 at 9:08 am

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