Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

How to pass time when you cannot run…

5:00am – also was ready to get up, when I saw the temperature of -6ºC (RealFeel -14ºC), the whole body just said “NO”! One more hour of sleep and then up for some light indoor morning training, aka core. Back to basics with single set of S’s program (but so good at the Vs!) and two sets of the second program. The painful point being the 3-4 last rep of the ball pikes… EVERY TIME IT IS THE SAME! No worry, I will get through it (until I enjoy the full set!)

1*[S’s program incl “full V” 10*10sec – excl. hover
+ Ball bridge 10]

2* [single leg push press *10 each side
+ “walk on the mat” *10 each side
+ regular hover w/ bottom lift *10 each side
+ side hover w/ arm+leg raise *10 each side
+ Triceps press sitting *15 rep
+ back extension*15
+ “table abs – 2 legs” 15
+ bench dips on low table *15]
+ “walk with ball” *20
+ Swiss ball superman *12
+ Ball pike *12]

Light breakfast as stomach not really willing to get food (turned into a glass of blood orange and a banana… I know, not much, but seriously better than nothing!). The small ones however got something in their plate to talk about at school (see below 🙂 )



On the way to work, lifted the eyes to the skies and noticed some had been fed up with running probably!


Flying shoes…

Intense day at work for the mind, with nice lunch (Indian tandoori chicken, difficult to resist, really!) and then nice chat with fellow runner S, who was down-town for receiving his award after his more-than-nice time in Berlin marathon this autumn 🙂 Quick food cooking (boiled potatoes and boneless porkchops with nice oat-milk sauce with thyme and rosmarin) before rushing to T’s training. I took this opportunity to put on my gear (2 layers, as it was after all -4ºC, but could not find my extra tights…), changed slightly my shoelace on the left foot to release any pressure and ran back home (easy 3.5km @5.04/km). At least I could see/feel that my foot was fine (almost 100%) and should not be a problem for tomorrow morning’s training with colleagues.

OK, have to recognize as well that I left this post in draft after starting it and then… I ran more this evening. Back to pick up T, so theoretically same distance as earlier, right… NOPE! it became a 3.64km @4:44/km. WHAT a FEELING! So nice to run (despite actually starting this latter run with a hill and finishing with a hill – as the previous one started and finished with a down-hill…). so now, promised to myself that this was the last run for the day! Feet are feeling fine. Noticed as well that my right shoe of GT-2160 Purple was not tied up as the other one was (i.e. before I changed it this evening…). Will see how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully the foot will be fine and the training can continue. Looking forward to the intervals workout planned for the morning (especially as should run it indoor!)


New way to tie up my shoe not using the last top hole

And seriously, I did not plan to run today after this morning core training…It just happened.


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