Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

What a little bit of love can do…

After a good day of rest on Monday, what’s better than an early morning low-pulse run in the city on a Tuesday? Early enough for meeting the street cleaners, meeting the taxis changing shifts and the early bird going to work (probably trying to avoid the newly instated tax on car driving in the city center between 6:00am and 6:00pm… 😉 ) Anyway, I put this morning a single layer of clothes and despite a little chilly feeling at first, it shortly disappear after warming up and running.

Took 20/30m after start for stopping and feeling again the pain on the top of my foot like at the end of Sunday’s long run. I untied my left shoe and made it loose a bit. Still felt a pain, but better…so kept on running then (who said “what does not kill you makes you stronger”?…). Low pulse in focus, I really did my best for keeping a good pace (i.e. not the lame and slow over 6min/km which is really killing my joy of running – no offence if you run at this pace. it is just not MY cup of tea, or rightly said, I have not find a way to ENJOY this pace EVER!…). Garmin HR Alerts set on 154 and I have to recognize that despite hearing it throughout the run, it was not really much (as for my previous try on low pulse running). So enjoyable it was. Up and down the Avenue, back and forth the long streets and finally back home after a nice run of 12.1km @5:20/km for a pulse 153. Unsure still of the sensor providing valid data, but now I am noting carefully the combination sensor + pulse band to see if any combination is good or bad…

A few toe exercises as for the past week ([15* eccentric and 15*regular] => 3 times) and prone hover with first minute “frog legs” to complete the set. Nice welcome after hot shower with pancakes on the table (mine was a “Tuesday special” with fresh blueberries and half-banana 🙂 Yummy!). All set I was for a full day at work!

Back from work was time to prepare food and it was quite fine. I had forgotten the cramps which followed the lunch time, so absorbed by the content of my work. But after dinner we went for a short walk and the cramps started again to finally force (sorry to say) but not keeping the food in the tummy. 😩 Bad evening, stomach trouble and foot pain (also the mystery might be solved if this is extensor tendonitis as suggested – thanks for the tips, S! 🙂 Got advice to massage and do some movements. The best was (according to the suggestion) to “have some massage from someone who likes me and it would disappear – a little bit of love solves everything” 🙂 Will see what I can do (or who I can find for this job!!!)

So time for bed after own massage of the foot and water drinking. Hopefully tomorrow will be better (from a training perspective!). Resting is the first alternative though… What a little bit of love can do? – I’ll keep you updated!

2 responses

  1. Sara

    Hej Karima!
    Trist med foten, hoppas det snart blir bÀttre. Mina Ecco-skor har elastiska skosnören som gör att trycket blir jÀmnt över foten. Kanske det kan vara nÄgot?
    Jag tycker ocksĂ„ att lĂ„gpulstrĂ€ning Ă€r/var mördande trĂ„kigt, men jag försöker tĂ€nka pĂ„ VARFÖR jag gör det. Det kommer ju pĂ„ sikt att göra mig Ă€nnu bĂ€ttre!!! Om du inte upptĂ€ckt podcaster Ă€n, sĂ„ Ă€r det ett tips att springa lĂ„ngsamt och lyssna pĂ„. Tex intervjuer med löpare “runners connect”

    February 20, 2013 at 9:59 am

    • Hej Sara!

      Tack för tipset. Skall se om kan titta pĂ„ detta snarast. Det konstiga Ă€r att jag inte har Ă€ndrat sĂ€ttet att fixa mina skosnöre dem senaste tvĂ„ Ă„r jag har sprungit… Vila en dag till vi fĂ„r se. Det kan ha varit resultat av tre dagar trĂ€ning följande med hĂ„rda intervaller, backepass och lĂ„ngpass… vet ej.

      LĂ„gpuls… visst! hoppas det ger sig nĂ„n dag för att springa sĂ„ lĂ„ngsamt kan inte vara nyttigt om man har det trĂ„kigt! 😉
      Skall kolla podcasten du skriver om… Återkommer med det

      ha det gött!


      February 21, 2013 at 6:59 am

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