Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Would you do it eyes wide shut?

Today started early – 7:00am without alarm, so up for breakfast (the “usual”: oat-porridge + fresh blueberries, gojji and oat milk => if any suggestion for a power-breakfast like this one for needling the morning start, feel free to drop a comment!). Instead of going back to bed, sat in front of the tv and watch a very-low-brain-activity movie 😉 then went back to bed. Opened the eyes at 10:15am and up for preparing my gear. once again needed to charge my mp3 as it had died on me! Only one layer of clothe today as well (also had a t-shirt on my long sleeves, which could have been avoided…). Took as well some Dextrosol for keeping up the sugar during the long run.

Nice in the air (+1ºC!), a bit heavy legs (Yaaaaaa, despite having enjoyed both Friday’s intervals and Saturday’s hills, it DOES feel being a bit overkill to do them right before  Sunday’s long run… You can always learn, right?), but feeling fine. The first 10km were set as easy pace (5:12/km – unsure for the pulse with average 159…) but the aim was to have an EASY run. Because… right after… started 10km of intervals doing every second km fast (planned: @ 4:05-4:15) every second km slow (planned: @4:40-4:50). No need to say that THIS IS A KILLER WORKOUT! the last two km were not at all enjoyable, having to run uphill, in the forest, downhill, on ice… you name it! Anyway, did stay within the range which I am very satisfied of! Then started the tough part (!!!), 1km easy before what I mistakenly planned as 4km alternate fast slow every km instead of 2km alternate fast slow every minute… You may not know or see the difference but it is HUGE! I think the body could have fix this, but the mind just shut down, putting the legs on autopilot back home! So instead of this, I headed towards the city with an easy pace to complete my 25km long run. The whole thing was done in 2:02:56, which is very satisfactory for me 🙂 Following slavishly a program ain’t good for nobody! Follow what your body and mind are saying (OK, I do not do that all the time, but aim for it!!!).

Undeniably tired, I took the tram home for the last 2km, not wishing to blow up my training for the upcoming Semi de Paris in two weeks from now (well, actually, in two weeks I will be done!). Stiff shoulders ain’t recommended for running and definitely not to take with you for a long run! So 30 minutes after being back home and getting food and shower, I went directly for a thai massage… OH MY GOSH! This was dreadfully painful for the shoulder and the right calf (which was having a cramp feeling since this morning). WHY do people impose such things to themselves (and even thank afterwards!)… Anyway, this is what the body needed and after that real chilling out afternoon because 1) I owe myself a reward after such long runs 🙂 , 2) having tidied the entire home yesterday there was nothing left for today (poor me!), 3) planned for a surprise coffee break but seeing the snow and then the rain falling down the skies it just cut my willingness to put my nose outside the door for the rest of the day (Yes, this would not have stopped me from going out and run, but as the run was already done… I can do that!). Tried to charge a bit on carbs after the run so it ended with macaronis and chicken/garlic in white sauce (with pepper and grated cheese on the top – Yummy!).

Now back to the title: Would you do it eyes wide shut?… What are you thinking about? All what you are doing or can do the eyes closed, like sneezing, kissing, blinking, sleeping, enjoying a hit shower, praying, thinking… but have you EVER RUN with your eyes closed? This was in a discussion once with my colleagues about the ultra-runners who were able to run/sleep… Probably I am not at this level, but I have several times felt my eyes closing and my legs continuing to run. Independently of the route taken, new one or usual old ones. This morning it turned 0ut that my fastest km was done with several eyes closed parts… Does it helps? for concentration? Was I tired? Bored? Thinking? On “runner’s high”?… I let you on this note and think about it for next time you feel that you have a kind-of black-out part in your run and cannot recall how you got from A to B that fast…

And btw, just noticed before today’s run that my Gel Sky Speed 2 have a little hole in the net on the left side… Really time to find a replacement! Cheerio!

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  1. No eyes shut but the mind wanders away now and then. Suddenly you are one km away from where you last observed the track.

    February 17, 2013 at 8:11 pm

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